Thursday, March 23, 2017

Day 8: Able to laugh at myself

"My body doesn't even like me. It's fighting itself" 
 Nobody likes me not even my own body. It makes me feel pretty crappy (no pun intended). You're probably thinking that this can't be a post about the good things about me, because I'm talking about how I feel crappy and my body wants to attack itself because not even it likes me. That's where your wrong, completely wrong. Talking about myself and being able to make fun of and laugh at myself is a good thing.

Life is pretty serious and Lupus is pretty serious. I just had the bombshell dropped on me from my NP, that I more than likely have something "Lupus-like" and it's all up to my rheumy to diagnose me. Of course I'm worried and scared, but at the same time, if I didn't have any humour about what was going on, I'd be constantly depressed. Calling myself not really well liked, especially from my body is poking fun at myself.

I would never poke fun of anyone other than myself, I don't feel it's right. But if they want to use humour to make themselves feel better. More power to them, I would actually laugh because it's what they wanted to do or the outcome to be. People with illnesses no matter what they are, happen to be sensitive about what other people say. Lupus is no different.

Laughing at myself is a good thing, at least I think so. Laughter is the best medicine after all isn't it?

Normally I would stop my entry there. But after talking about Lupus briefly and the joke about my body attacking itself. I realized not many people even know what Lupus is, and they immediately think of a wolf. Which yes it's where the name of the illness comes from.

Lupus is an auto-immune disorder, auto-immune disorders are disorders that cause the body to attack itself because it think's it's the enemy. Lupus is a very odd illness and all lupus patients as far as symptoms go, are different. There is a list online which does list lupus criteria and one of the critera, is the high antinuclear antibody, an antinuclear antibody is the antibody that a body produces when it's attacking itself. My body creates that antibody.

The other critera are rashes, numbness and tingling, arthritus type pain and so forth. Mine are really not much different. The symptoms that triggered me getting testes were numbness in my hands, feet and my face, headaches, achiness, and extreme tiredness. This tiredness was (and still is) insane. Little things make me tired or I'm always tired. A lot like someone's body's tired when they get sick.

If you have lupus in your family or have some weird symptoms talk to your doctor, figure out what's going on. You know our doctors awesome when they don't second guess what's wrong with you or think that you're crazy.

I'm always free to answer lupus questions if they do arise, I just don't know what people want to know. 

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