Friday, March 17, 2017

Day #6 Good things about me, I'm far from materialistic

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I'm one of those people that are happy with very little stuff. I'd be happy in a house with just the basics. Food, water, phone, and a computer. A computer doesn't really seem to be the basics for someone, but in all technicality, it is now a day. Everyone relies on technology somehow and the computer is the one thing I need to keep in touch.

My easy to please could be because I like to make people happy or it's just because I've lived so long without whatever it may be. Growing up, money was tough, and the memories I have aren't with material stuff it's with the people I knew. My mom, my dad and my grandparents. 

Even now a days, while I'm walking through Wal-Mart, go ahead and make whatever jokes you want. But Wal-Mart is almost out my back door, so it's what's closest. I'm walking around content just looking at stuff. I don't need to spend money there, and it makes me uneasy if I do. The only time I'm talking about what to buy at the store is when we're grocery shopping.

The little things in life are what bring me enjoyment. Animals, bring me enjoyment, my family and kids bring me enjoyment. Not some new DVD, or video game. Those wither away, and they're going to eventually be gone. 

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