Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Day 4: High Pain Tolerance

Let's flash back three years ago when I was in labor with my son. I went to the hospital not because I was in pain, but I just "felt weird" my quotes exactly. I felt weird. I remember my doctor asking me a few times if I was in any pain, and without flinching I told her no. My son was a c-section, and I wasn't supposed to be scheduled for a month, so they had to rush and get my c-section done.

A day after my c-section, I was up and about and taking care of my son, who was still on oxygen. I don't know if the lack of pain then was because I wanted to be around my little boy or it was because I handled pain well, I was just surprised that I was oblivious to my pain.

For that time until my doctor had to quit, I remember her telling me that if I said something is painful, she knew it was painful.

The only thing's pain wise that have even bothered me were kidney stones, and a sinus infection. I have no clue why a sinus infection would hurt but labor didn't. I've had ruptured cysts on my ovaries, and they hurt, but it wasn't the pain that would bring me to the hospital, what brought me to the hospital many of times was the fact that I was so uncomfortable when I laid down and sat down, I knew something was wrong.

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