Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A message from Freya

And a post from Freya:

Human mom was  watching a TV show today. She was watching a show called, Cats 101. I wasn't too happy with it, I was jealous so I climbed into her arms, looked cute, and started purring. Human mom said it was cute, and that I was cute. You know what human mom did? She watched more ,then she asked me, "Freya, are these cute kitties?" So I stepped on her computer.  Human mom said that what I did was silly and it makes me jealous.

I want Monkey and I to be the only cats. There's a cat outside, I don't get a long with her at all. Human mommy and daddy think she's pretty, but they don't know that I think she's mean.

This is just another update from you cute little kitten.

Love always,

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