Thursday, March 16, 2017

15 random facts about me

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I don't really talk about myself much in this blog and it's time to start doing more personal posts and getting to know me. The best way I thought about doing it is writing down 15 facts about myself.

  1. I'm short, I'm only 5'1. 
  2. The OB my mom had when she was pregnant with me induced my mom just because he didn't want to miss his golf game.
  3. I'm afraid of spiders, and I have every reason to be. When I was younger I got bit by a brown recluse and I remember going to doctors to get help for my leg. So now I associate ever spider as my enemy.
  4. My whole family, my mom, dad, sister and I when I was younger all had carbon monoxide poisoning right before Christmas when I was younger. 
  5. I never grew out of liking Pokemon. I have a Mew backpack, an Eevee Piggy bank and I love my Nerd Block Charmander nesting dolls.
  6. My favorite Pokemon is Vulpix
  7.  I have a small cyst on the top of my nose close right by my eye. 
  8.  When I was younger I ate things I shouldn't have like a diet pill and packing peanut. 
  9.  My top 5 favorite animals are frogs, cats, rabbits, rat's and ferrets
  10.  For a long time I've been mistaken for being 15 years old. Even when I was 20 I was being mistaken for 15, and asked if I had parental consent to buy a movie that was Rate R. 
  11.  I gave Freya her name. Her name comes from the Norse Goddess Freyja, who had two cats pulling her chariot. Freya that cat thinks she's a goddess anyway.
  12.  I like white chocolate more than I like milk or dark chocolate
  13.  My dad died two days after I got married,
  14.  I still like reading children's books. 
  15.  I have a bit a Sims curse. Everytime I name a Sim character after myself, they end up having twins

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