Friday, March 31, 2017

10 things About Freya you may not know

It's Freya's day again! Happy Friday folks! Hopefully your day was beautiful, and you're feeling fantastic. It's a great day to talk about the furry fuzzy feline known as Freya with 10 things you didn't know about Freya.

1. Freya is the second name we came up with. The first name was Pumpkin, but because Pumpkin was too long of a name we went for a different name.
2. Freya has a sweet tooth. She loves oatmeal and homemade cookie dough. 
3. We have no clue who owned Freya before we did. I tried posting that we found her online a few times to see if we could locate her old owners, and we couldn't find them. 
4. Freya is more fond of females than she is of males. She loves cuddling with her human sister and human mom. She doesn't mind her human daddy, but human mommy and human sister always come first.
5.  Freya doesn't meow much. Since she walked into our apartment on Halloween, I've only heard her meow twice or three times. 
6.  Freya loves watching people go to the bathroom. Seriously! She'll sit and watch people use the bathroom then watch the water go down the toilet. 
7. Freya's favorite toy is stringy, a drawstring that fell out of my pair of pants, she'll carry stringy around and tap at people's hands to get their attention so they'll play with stringy. 
8. Since Freya got here in October she's gained weight and looks less like a twig. 
9. Her Favorite Sleeping position is on her back. Followed by her side. She loves sleeping on her back more though.
10. Hard to believe but Freya is a jealous kitten. We can't talk about any other cat around her without her giving us an angry glare or her climbing onto our laps with the look of "Aren't I a cute little kitten?"

Freya Fan Art in banner created with Kitten Creator by: Kamirah

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