Friday, March 31, 2017

10 things About Freya you may not know

It's Freya's day again! Happy Friday folks! Hopefully your day was beautiful, and you're feeling fantastic. It's a great day to talk about the furry fuzzy feline known as Freya with 10 things you didn't know about Freya.

1. Freya is the second name we came up with. The first name was Pumpkin, but because Pumpkin was too long of a name we went for a different name.
2. Freya has a sweet tooth. She loves oatmeal and homemade cookie dough. 
3. We have no clue who owned Freya before we did. I tried posting that we found her online a few times to see if we could locate her old owners, and we couldn't find them. 
4. Freya is more fond of females than she is of males. She loves cuddling with her human sister and human mom. She doesn't mind her human daddy, but human mommy and human sister always come first.
5.  Freya doesn't meow much. Since she walked into our apartment on Halloween, I've only heard her meow twice or three times. 
6.  Freya loves watching people go to the bathroom. Seriously! She'll sit and watch people use the bathroom then watch the water go down the toilet. 
7. Freya's favorite toy is stringy, a drawstring that fell out of my pair of pants, she'll carry stringy around and tap at people's hands to get their attention so they'll play with stringy. 
8. Since Freya got here in October she's gained weight and looks less like a twig. 
9. Her Favorite Sleeping position is on her back. Followed by her side. She loves sleeping on her back more though.
10. Hard to believe but Freya is a jealous kitten. We can't talk about any other cat around her without her giving us an angry glare or her climbing onto our laps with the look of "Aren't I a cute little kitten?"

Freya Fan Art in banner created with Kitten Creator by: Kamirah

My new toy!

My whole collection.
There really wasn't many freebies this week at all other than a US weekly, some weeks are slow as I've said in the past. I've also been slacking a bit looking for Freebies, but in the next few weeks,

I do have some cool things coming.

I did get a new Mario Toy to my collection today. I'm so excited to show him off. I was originally looking for a Yoshi, who's oddly MIA from the boxes. I don't know if someone sifted through them and bought all the Yoshi's or what. But I couldn't find any. All that we found today were tons of Luigi's, Princesses and Toad's don't get me wrong I love Toad but at the same time, I found so many Toads I was sure I was in Super Mario Bros 3. 

In my collection I even included my other figure's and not just my Mario, K'nex. Like I have said in a getting to know me entry a while ago, I have a bit of aMario and a Plants vs. Zombie Collection. It's not really a huge collection, but it's something I take pride in.

Bullet Bill


Conehead Mummy


Pirate Zombie, without hat (it's on the Frozen zombie instead)

Tanuki Mario



Frozen Basic Zombie w/Pirate zombie's hat

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I am Freya, and I'm so purrty

While there's not much to update on this beautiful Wednesday I did pwomise a few photos of my beautiful self. My human mom said it was hard to capture a good picture of me because I move around way too much, whatever that means. 

Human mom bothered me when I was trying to watch TV, she told me to move because she was watching some people stealing stuff or something. She said I can't be on cable anymore. Sometimes when human daddy is playing Paladins  I'm not allowed by the TV either because he says I get in the way. 

Human sister just left, I feel really sad, everytime human sister's mommy or grandma come and pick her up I cry and look for my sister for awhile when she leaves. I don't know why she has to run away from me. It's not fair, I love my human sister. Shes my best friend.

Mom says this is one of the better photos of me. She says it captures my Harlequin Chin. She said she'd like to get a picture of my paws one day, I have one beige bootie on one of my back paws, and a fully black front paw. She says that's special and it's what makes me pretty. She also loves my big expressive anime eyes. 

This really isn't a photo of me, but mom had a random thought about what I looked like if I was a cat girl. I don't know what a cat girl is, but I think  I'm kinda cute. She got the cat girl version of me from a place called Rinmaru

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Time for some dirty laundry, sorta! Questions about your dirty laundry.

Who loves the smell of fresh laundry? The beautiful smell and the nice clean feeling. But if you're anything like me, using certain laundry soaps cause me to itch. I'm scratching, and not feeling comfortable at all. 

The time came that I became curious about people's laundry habits. Do people wash clothes as often because of their laundry soap or do people have different laundry habits? Was lucky enough to try some Seventh Generation Laundry soap for sensitive skin. It smells great and feels great. But that really doesn't do much good for me as it would my viewers.

I do have a list of questions that I have copied from some places online, feel free to answer them if you want to, my answers are under the cut.
1. How often do you do laundry?
2. What's the worst part about doing laundry?
3. Who does your laundry? 
4. How often do you do laundry
5. What brand of laundry soap do you use?
6. Does anyone in your house have any allergies or sensitivities to laundry soap?
7. Which laundry soap brands have you bought recently?
8. How do you personally feel about doing the laundry?
9. How often do you go to the laundromat? 
10. Do you iron your clothes?
11. When you get your clothes cleaned what do you call it? 

Vegans and Prime, Amazon Prime 😜

These are have not been part of my reading goals, as I don't think I can even handle reading goals. I'm bad at sticking to a goal about reading because I find another book I like or I'm not interested in what I thought I was interested in.

For someone who doesn't know much about the ins and outs of Amazon Prime this book is quite interesting. While I knew everything I thought I needed to know about Amazon Prime, this book did have some cool and interesting things that I thought were interesting. Mainly the section on Amazon Kindle, and how to use Amazon Kindle!
If you ever wanted to eat better, lose weight and remain vegan. This book is just wonderful. It has a 15 day meal plan, with tons of recipes that look delicious. I've wanted to lose some weight for awhile now, and was a bit nervous that I couldn't do it because most diets and meal plans call for meat, or something meat related, and being vegetarian, either switched the diet around, or didn't even do it. With this book it's perfect. 

Amazon Prime Book 💰
Ketobook 💰
These books were free, and were given to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. 

Good thing about me day 10

Image result for vocabulary meme
My brother: Do you even know what that word means?
My sister: Yeah she does, she knows tons of big words? 
I didn't intend to connect today with the day before, but this is one of those times that I am able to do that. I remember about 10 years ago at least, my brother asked me if I knew what some word meant, i don't remember what the word was but my sister had to chime and tell him that I had an extensive vocabulary.

When I read or blog, I usually use easier words only because sometimes I do second guess myself, and hope someone understands what I'm saying. Not that I am calling any of my readers unable to read a blog with bigger words, I do know it does take a longer time for someone who doesn't know a word to understand what it means.

Some tricks I've learned to help my vocabulary is to read and read a lot. Not just fiction books, but books that are nonficition, on topics preferably that you like. When it comes to more reference books, and research books there will be words you have no clue about, which is fine, take a note book, or even take a mental note to learn the word you've just learned. 

What is it like to have an auto-immune disorder?

Image result for autoimmune disorders meme
Add caption
If some a few years ago would have told me I would have auto-immune problems just like my dad did, I would have laughed at them. I never expected to be one of those people that have an autoimmune disorder.

My journey this far:

I can't honestly say when my journey actually started and when I started getting flare ups, because I don't know. I don't think anyone truly knows when they first started getting flare ups. I can only start when I noticed something was wrong and it wasn't normal.

Last July, I remember sitting around and trying to fall asleep,  and realizing my feet and hands went numb. Best way to explain it to someone who has never had their extremities go numb, the feeling is a lot like when your foot falls asleep, I just knew my feet and hands didn't fall asleep. It happened a few times when I was walking, that my feet went numb, and it concerned me. I called the doctors office to figure out what was going on.

My nurse practitioner had me take tons of blood work. One for was for Multiple Sclerosis, another was for my vitamins and eletrolights and one was my ANA. Of course I was worried, my dad had Lupus, RA, Fibromyalgia and a few other things. So I kind of knew I could have a problem.

I remember going back for my appointment a week or two later, and to be told my ANA was a bit high, positive ANA can mean anything, it can even be a false positive by the way. I was told that I'd have an appointment with a rheumatologist

So far I've had more tests, most coming back normal, my ANA is still high. According to my Nurse Practitioner she's said that she's sure I have something Lupus related, but still have to have my 
rheumatologist on board with it.

The flareups and symptoms

The thing about auto immune problems in general, the symptoms aren't always the same for people, but there area factors that stick out for a lot of the people who have lupus or any other auto immune disorder.

When I'm going through a flare up, I'm extremely tired, to the point I don't want to function at all. I'm not able to think. I'm constantly sore, my extremities lose their feeling, and I'm achy. The tiredness isn't like a normal tiredness, this is 10x's worse. It's like I haven't sleep in a year type of tiredness, and sometimes I do have to down a Mountain Dew Kickstart, Monster, or Rockstar, because I do get so tired it's the only thing keeping going for at least a little while. 

Headaches are another thing, I get regular migraines, occpital migraines, and lupus headaches. All of which are different from each other. But my main problem is the lupus headaches, I hate them with a passion but a lupus headache is a bit different to me than regular migraines, they don't really respond to anything, I've taken everything under the sun for headaches.

Us people with autoimmune problems have flareups, times when our illness is at it's peak and it's showing symptoms. They symptoms aren't always present. Which I know does sound confusing to someone but they're not always constant, weather, certain foods, illness, surgery, lack of sleep and a few other things can cause a flare up to occur. I'm still getting used to my triggers and what causes mine to happen.

Another thing people didn't know about auto-immune disorders is our white blood cells and platelets can  be low. When they're low, at least in my case I get tired easier than someone else. So when my step daughter is sick or I'm at the store I'm keeping my distance because I don't want to get sick again. I want to feel great, I want to feel normal. 

What the future holds for me

As of right now, things are unclear what's going to happen with my symptoms or my immune system, but I can say that I do have many more doctors to see and things to do. I'm in the debate on seeing a therapist to help me process everything going on in my life, because it's something that does play on my mind a lot. 

I may never get fully better but I do hope that there's going to be something that I can take that can help me live a normal life. I want to be active, and I don't want to be so tired that I don't want to do anything, I want to be normal. Being tired, and being unable to function normally is a dream.

My advice to anyone who might have an auto-immune disorder

For someone who knows something is wrong with themselves or has a doctor that's concerned that you have an auto-immune disorder, make sure they investigate it. Don't be afraid to tell your doctor how you feel, and if they don't agree with you, find a different doctor or take notes. A medical professional usually isn't at your home watching you or even knows how you are going about your daily life.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Freya Friday.

Human sister came by after school today and spent time with me. I was cool with it until she had the neighbor girl come by. I never really see the little neighbor kid, I was afraid, so I cuddled next to human mommy. She talked to me, and it annoyed me. I don't like when I'm trying to sleep and human mommy talks to me.

Human sister and her friend found more of those fuzzy wormies, I think mom calls them pipe cleaners. I want them all to be my friend, so I picked a few up and carried them off. Human mom said they made a mess and picked them up she's never any fun.

Sister and her friend also were shooting foam dart thingies from a bow and arrow. I thought the darts were cool toys, and when they went to sleep I played with them and even put them in my water dish, then knocked my water bowl over, water went everywhere. Mom yelled at me for making a mess.

So now I'm sleeping on sissy's bed with her, so mommy doesn't yell at me anymore. I'm not really afraid of sissy's friend I'm just a little shy. I'm still a young kitty. Mommy also says when my birthday rolls around she's going to get me a present. She just doesn't know when my birthday is exactly. So she's going to guess, and give me a birthday in July.

That's the life of a little kitty like me. Mom says Wednesday she's going to get more photos of me to share on here. I hate getting my picture taken. She says it's okay though.

Freebie Friday

Welcome back to another edition of Freebie Friday. I didn't receive much this week as a Freebie, so I appologize for the only things being listed are magazines and laundry soap, but that sometimes happens in the Freebie world.

  • Essense
  • New York Weekly
  • Us Magazine
  • Forbes
  • Sports Illistrated 
  • Seventh Generation Laundry soap (look forward to seeing an article about it next week)
  • Sleep mask, and ear plugs.

What if? Writing Prompt

Because writing is my specialty and because I need to practice more, I took a look at Seventh Sanctum's What-if-anator, and pressed the Generate Ideas button, to find me a what if that would be interesting. I'm giving myself 10 minutes to write whatever comes to my mind with the What-if-anotor's prompt.

What if ...the rise of Buddhism had never happened?

As much as I just want to say there would be no Buddhist monks and that there would be peace. There's actually a lot more than just that when it comes to if the rise of Buddhism never happened. The Buddha's quotes are still ingrained in people's mind, and have helped people within their lives. I don't mean religiously, I mean all together. Buddhism to me has always been a train of thought and not a religion as much. Some people do treat it as a religion, but it's also just a train of thought.

If the rise of Buddhism never happened, I don't think the mirrored sayings with Jesus and Buddha would exist. While I'm trying not to get all religious, mock anybody's religion or hoping not to offend people. But there has been some theory that when Jesus was on the Silk Road that he came across some monks and that's why some of his quotes are close to the Buddha's quotes. If Buddhism never rose, I don't think all those sayings would exist.

It's really hard to think of Buddhism never happened. It's really a deep part of life. I don't think that there'd even be monks, and that Star Wars would be a bit different of a movie. How does Star Wars compare to Buddhism? George Lucas is a Catholic Buddhist, and some of the stuff in the movies were inspired by Buddhism. To imagine Star Wars beeing any different than it already is, happens to be a bit strange and a bit scary.

As I'm sitting here trying to understand how life would be different without the rise of Buddhism, I am so happy Buddhism actually does exist. It's a very beautiful belief to have, and it's enriched so many people's lives and even my own. Buddhism is very amazing isn't it?

Good thing #9: nerd!

My good thing for today is kind of weird, I never really saw it as a good thing, just one of my positive points that come with autism. I'm one of those people that can figure out technology without instructions. It might take a few minutes to understand what I'm looking at, but for the most part, I'm good with it.

I didn't realize that I was actually good with technology until I was pregnant with my now 4 1/2-year-old. I was visiting my parents for a few days, and my sister brought her laptop in to get fixed, mine wasn't acting right, I had to format my computer a few weeks ago, and wondered why on earth it wouldn't work. The guy at the computer place my sister got her computer from was flirting heavily with me about Diablo, and since I wasn't paying to get my computer fixed or paying the bench fee for the computer things didn't go well.

Back at my mom's place, my sister was talking to Dell, and I was trying to figure out why my computer wasn't working. That's when the Dell guy says to her, "You sister sounds tech savvy." The thing I totally forgot to do with my laptop should have been the first thing that came to my mind, he said to her to tell me to check the hardware because after reinstalling drivers from the disks they're not up to date *duh* then he asked how on earth I was able to play World of Warcraft with my computer. That I still can't answer it's specced for WoW were awful.

I'm okay to admit that I have a nerdy side. Now that things have gotten more complicated, I do have problems every now and then and do call for help, but that's usually just with the PS4, or the XBox because they're not really my mode of technology. But for the most part, I got it,

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Day 8: Able to laugh at myself

"My body doesn't even like me. It's fighting itself" 
 Nobody likes me not even my own body. It makes me feel pretty crappy (no pun intended). You're probably thinking that this can't be a post about the good things about me, because I'm talking about how I feel crappy and my body wants to attack itself because not even it likes me. That's where your wrong, completely wrong. Talking about myself and being able to make fun of and laugh at myself is a good thing.

Life is pretty serious and Lupus is pretty serious. I just had the bombshell dropped on me from my NP, that I more than likely have something "Lupus-like" and it's all up to my rheumy to diagnose me. Of course I'm worried and scared, but at the same time, if I didn't have any humour about what was going on, I'd be constantly depressed. Calling myself not really well liked, especially from my body is poking fun at myself.

I would never poke fun of anyone other than myself, I don't feel it's right. But if they want to use humour to make themselves feel better. More power to them, I would actually laugh because it's what they wanted to do or the outcome to be. People with illnesses no matter what they are, happen to be sensitive about what other people say. Lupus is no different.

Laughing at myself is a good thing, at least I think so. Laughter is the best medicine after all isn't it?

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Little girl. little girl.

Today was awesome, at least as far as I Freya was is concerned. I had a chance to spend time with my little human girl. My little human girl is who I chose as my special human. I'll do anything for her, as for the other family member's they're never that lucky. I'll be nice to them when I have to but it only so they'll play with stringy, or feed me.

We played with stringy, cuddled and I even had a chance to go to sleep next to her. I'm so happy that I actually had time to spend with my little human girly yesterday and today.

This entry is rather short because I am tired from spending my day with the little human girl.

Monday, March 20, 2017

10 writing tips for new writers

Writing is scary to a lot of people. I am totally aware of that. Writing sends people into panic attacks, even if it's something that they want to do. While I am not a seasoned writer, I have learned tips that have helped me be more confident with my writing.

#1       Practice: You don't have to practice every day or every other day. I do suggest to at least set some time out for writing at least two or three hours a week. Don't worry what you're writing about when you set your practice time. it 
#2       Take online courses: There are a ton of MOOC's that are geared toward better writing and grammar. It might be childish to some people to work on your grammar once in awhile, but it's always a great refresher.
#3       Only accept positive criticism: This is something I learned first hand. I have had some pretty nasty comments about my writing. I have let it derail me more than enough times. But I have also had some positive things said about what I write. Those are the people to pay attention to if they like your work, and if they can give pointers. If someone doesn't have something positive to say, then ignore them.
#4       Only Write for yourself: This should be one of those, well duh type of things. But it's not. If it's not making you happy or you're doing it to impress someone. It's going to show in your writing, and you want the real you to show, not the you that's trying to be cool.
#5       Don't take little teeny jobs: Content mills may sound exciting to a new writer because you're writing for someone else. Most of them are a waste of time and their pay is very low. If you want to write for people, find a website, newspaper or something you can write for instead. Or do what I do the blog. 
#6       Forget what you've learned in school: As far as blogging and writing online is concerned. Everybody views stuff you write online, so you're going to have to be open to appeal to many people. You just have to make sure what you're writing makes sense and not a bunch of grammatical garbage.
#7       Take time to read: Reading does a lot for a writer. You don't have to read anything particular, magazines, another blog, whatever. Reading helps with your imagination and your creative process. The same thing with practicing reading goes for writing. You don't need to spend every day reading or hours a day reading. You just need to spend a little time reading. Even if it is on the toilet. 
#8       Don't force your writing: Forcing yourself to write is obvious. If you force something. It's not going to be natural, and writing when forced looks like garbage. It has no flow, and has no organic feel. Sometimes you do have deadlines, but that doesn't mean that you need to force yourself. 
#9       Keep a blog or journal: Keeping a blog or a journal does a lot of things. It helps document your progress. You don't have to have your journal or blog on public display for all to see. It could be your personal secret. It's all up to you. 
#10     Do not give up: If you love to write, don't give up. Sometimes we get stuck in believing what we're doing is a dead end. The truth being, if you give up, you wouldn't have made it as a writer and would be stuck with that woulda. shoulda coulda type of thing. With the woulda, shoulda, coulda mentality it can be very depressing. 

Word of the day: corrosion

Image result for corrosion photos
Image source: the balance
Because I've been failing at my monthly book goals, I've been failing horribly, I have a new goal. It's to help me as a writer, and help with reading. I'm going to give myself and everyone who reads this blog, a word of the day, or at least try to. The word of the day may be a common word, or it could be something a bit obscure. To know a word, it's synonyms, and how to properly use it in a sentence helps people and boosts I.Q. or so I've heard. 
Corrosion noun the 1. process of corroding metal, stone, or other materials. 2. Damage done by corroding. 
Rust is an example of corrosion. I'm not too happy about the definition. Because it's pretty vague, corroding seemed like one of those pretty obvious things that happened with corrosion. I did know what corrosion was before I started, I just didn't like the definition, and this word was one I randomly picked.

Corrosion in a sentence: I threw away a box of screws because of too much corrosion. 

Day 7 Good things about me: Perseverance

Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained.~Marie Curie   
They say if it wasn't for bad luck, some people wouldn't be lucky at all. I am one of those people. I have a constant cloud of bad luck looming over my back. It's quite annoying to say the least. I've had many things happen to me. My life has been far from easy. I won't even start writing a full list of everything that has happened in my life, because I don't have the time
What keeps me afloat? Perseverance and never giving up. My logic has always been, as long as I'm alive, I can start a new day. Not everyone gets that lucky, death is a constant wheel, and that's just the cold hard truth. But if I'm still alive, there's still a chance to go on and start anew.

Master Oogway from Kungfu Panda once stated to live in the present. He's right, worrying about my bad luck in the past doesn't do me any good other getting a stomach and throwing myself into a panic attack. Same goes with the future, I know I have to look forward, but at the same time it can't be too forward because time changes a lot of things.

I'm strong, and I dislike the fact I've had a tough life. But to persevere and keep going. It's something not everybody has and I take some pride in having determination. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Day #6 Good things about me, I'm far from materialistic

quote, enjoy, and text image
I'm one of those people that are happy with very little stuff. I'd be happy in a house with just the basics. Food, water, phone, and a computer. A computer doesn't really seem to be the basics for someone, but in all technicality, it is now a day. Everyone relies on technology somehow and the computer is the one thing I need to keep in touch.

My easy to please could be because I like to make people happy or it's just because I've lived so long without whatever it may be. Growing up, money was tough, and the memories I have aren't with material stuff it's with the people I knew. My mom, my dad and my grandparents. 

Even now a days, while I'm walking through Wal-Mart, go ahead and make whatever jokes you want. But Wal-Mart is almost out my back door, so it's what's closest. I'm walking around content just looking at stuff. I don't need to spend money there, and it makes me uneasy if I do. The only time I'm talking about what to buy at the store is when we're grocery shopping.

The little things in life are what bring me enjoyment. Animals, bring me enjoyment, my family and kids bring me enjoyment. Not some new DVD, or video game. Those wither away, and they're going to eventually be gone. 

Getting to know my readers. What do you collect

Fennekin, from a Pokeball. 

Mario Cup
The Pokeball Fennekin came in
Most bloggers don't take the chance to get to know their readers and find out what their readers actually like, but I think it's a great idea. I want to get more interaction and more comments. For my first week, I want to know about people's collections. Feel free to answer what you want, and at the end of next week. I will pick people's favorite collection and link your blog to that post so we all can get some kind of exposure.

I have a few small collections, I have my Nintendo collection, which goes with my Pokemon (since they are from Nintendo. I even have some little K'nex Plants vs. Zombies, so it's more of a Nintendo and video game collection.

In the past I used to have a frog collection, but since my dad died, and I don't know what happened to
Mew Purse (not enough room for anything)  and an Eevee bank
 the stuff I left at his place, I don't have as many frogs as I used to. I only have three around the apartment, one is my plushie Webkinz frog, Judas Rust Cooper. Judas Cooper is my metal frog.

My Questions to my readers
  1. What do you like collecting? 
  2. Is there something you've been thinking about collecting but never started?
  3. If you collect stuffed animals do you name any of them? 
  4. What's your most prized possession when it comes to collections?
  5. What do other people think about your collections? Are they understanding?
  6. Would you pass your collection down to a younger family member if you could?
  7. When did you start collecting stuff? 
  8. What websites do you use to buy your stuff for your collection?
  9. What stores are your favorite that have what you collect?

Thursday, March 16, 2017

15 random facts about me

 the sims GIF

I don't really talk about myself much in this blog and it's time to start doing more personal posts and getting to know me. The best way I thought about doing it is writing down 15 facts about myself.

  1. I'm short, I'm only 5'1. 
  2. The OB my mom had when she was pregnant with me induced my mom just because he didn't want to miss his golf game.
  3. I'm afraid of spiders, and I have every reason to be. When I was younger I got bit by a brown recluse and I remember going to doctors to get help for my leg. So now I associate ever spider as my enemy.
  4. My whole family, my mom, dad, sister and I when I was younger all had carbon monoxide poisoning right before Christmas when I was younger. 
  5. I never grew out of liking Pokemon. I have a Mew backpack, an Eevee Piggy bank and I love my Nerd Block Charmander nesting dolls.
  6. My favorite Pokemon is Vulpix
  7.  I have a small cyst on the top of my nose close right by my eye. 
  8.  When I was younger I ate things I shouldn't have like a diet pill and packing peanut. 
  9.  My top 5 favorite animals are frogs, cats, rabbits, rat's and ferrets
  10.  For a long time I've been mistaken for being 15 years old. Even when I was 20 I was being mistaken for 15, and asked if I had parental consent to buy a movie that was Rate R. 
  11.  I gave Freya her name. Her name comes from the Norse Goddess Freyja, who had two cats pulling her chariot. Freya that cat thinks she's a goddess anyway.
  12.  I like white chocolate more than I like milk or dark chocolate
  13.  My dad died two days after I got married,
  14.  I still like reading children's books. 
  15.  I have a bit a Sims curse. Everytime I name a Sim character after myself, they end up having twins

Good thing about me #6 (short entry)

Good thing #6
Animals like me. Most of the time it's people's pets who really don't like people who want me to pet them. I don't  know if it's because they are brave and trust their intuition of it it's something deeper than that. I don't mind haveing animals come up to me for attention, even animals need someone to trust.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

One Good thing #5: I like making people happy

While today may be one of those things that are debated on if it's a good thing or a bad thing. I'm one of those people that aren't content unless people around me are happy. I usually stifle my happiness if it'd make other's happy, I know I really should be like that because, I need to find my happiness, but if I don't make other people happy I get nervous, and  I really don't like that nervous feeling at all. That nervous feeling takes a hold of me and scares me.

The good part about making other people happy, at least in my mind, if something happened to them, even if I didn't know them, I wouldn't feel as bad because they were happy at least for a little while. 

I do need to learn to draw the line somewhere though, I'm always worring about other people's happiness and letting my own go to the wayside, and letting my happiness go to the wayside isn't really good thing. I need to think about myself once in awhile as well. But other people's happiness is what's awesome. 

I apologize if my entry isn't making much sense today, I'm on pain meds for my gallbladder and my brain's not connecting words together too well.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Gypsy health?

As promised, I'm bringing some gypsy heritage into to my entries. Us Romani do have a problem with the rest of society accepting us for the reason that we're all con artists, scammers, and no good folks. While yes there's that handful of Romani that does con folk, and scam people out of their hard-earned money, but there's also a lot of us that are not like that. Sure my ancestors lived off the land, read tarot cards, and tea leaves but we also had so many interesting cures.

A bit about my health lately

You may have noticed I went MIA for a few days again. At first I didn't even want to talk about my health, because I didn't want it to become a pitty party or a cop out, but because it's slowing me down yet again and does go along with gypsy health, I figured I'd give a little bit an insight to what is happening with me.

Yesterday I spent about 6 hours at the hospital, and in the ER. It wasn't how I wanted to spend my Monday night. I wanted to be home cuddling next to Freya and sleeping, not in in an 8x8 cubical room. But as I mentioned before, my genetics suck. Yesterday was my first time being diagnosed with Billary Colic, or in easier to understand, a gallbladder attack. My whole family has had their gallbladder removed, and as I get older, I'm aware that I'm not immune to gallbladder issues. I never was immune to it.

So here I am, with tons of medication, to help with the pain, nausea and the acid that come with these attacks, forced to change my diet to the gallbladder friendly diet. No more processed foods, no more whole milk foods, and no more red meat (I'm vegetarian, so no more red meat is pretty easy). Walking through the store while waiting on my pain meds today was tough, everything that I was used to, wasn't what I could eat anymore. It was just my luck. 

A little bit of culture 

Whenever I get sick, I grab my Buckland's Book of Gypsy Magic, this book is a go-to book, for health reasons, and because of gypsy heritage. I'm still learning all I can, so every time something happens I refer back to my book to see if there's something that can be done.

Stomach ailments and the magic with it wasn't my cup of tea. I won't get overly gross but the book mentions something about black dog hairs and feces of a child with stomach pain. So I skipped over that cure right away. I don't think I could handle collecting poop for stomach pain.

Instead, I decided to go see what can be put in my Putsi. A putsi is a gypsy bag for magical items and herbs. I then went a step further, grabbed some clay that I have stored away and made myself a healing talisman. Well, actually I made 4 talismans, one for healing, one for luck, one for wealth and one for protection. All of which were important to me. I'm a horrible artist and don't like the outcome, but it's all about intention, and even if my symbols look awful it helps.

The other things I intend to put in my puts are some herbs, some stones, and some other magical things. For health, I'm looking for adding a white stone, a walnut, a golden coin, or possibly some jade. For wealth, it's suggested to put a gold coin in as well, a magnet or dice. All of which are easy to find,  and can be found nearly anywhere.

Do all these things really work?

It really depends on who you ask, some people who are more open to gypsy magic would say yes. Others would say no. But it's like anything, you can't just have a rock, to help you get money, and you just sit around doing nothing, hoping the money would just fall into your lap. It's not how things in life work. You need to put in an effort.
So yes in a sense they do work, but you work with them. Health, for example, a stone or even an acorn, isn't going to logically make you better. But feeling better is somewhat psychological, your mind needs to stay positive, which is easier said than done but, quite honestly, it's one thing people forget to do when they're sick.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

For the power of baking soda

We underestimate what a $0.98 box of baking soda can do. For example, just recently I had an online friend tell me that her son uses Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking soda on his hair instead of shampoo and conditioner. I've heard of people using apple cider vinegar more times than I could count but using baking soda it was new to me.

Just recently I was put to the challenge by Simple Solutions to learn about baking soda, and learn about how wonderful it really is. I like a lot of people already know that baking soda is used for exactly what it's name implies it's something to bake with, and because of having Arm & Hammer Cat litter I knew it was great for neutralizing smells. We all grew up with our mom's having an open box of baking soda in the fridge to get rid of the smell. 

So what are some other amazing things to do with baking soda? 

5 nifty baking soda hacks
    • Acid reflux: Put 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in with 2tbs of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. 
    • Cleaning of sponges: Sprinkle baking soda on your sponge and wipe it off with a scouring pad, or a wet sponge. 
    • Anti-itch cream: Add 2 teaspoons of baking soda followed by adding water to make a paste out of the baking soda, and apply to the place that's itchy. 
    • Rebalancing your PH levels: Baking soda can help with bladder infections, add one teaspoon of baking soda to your water or drink to help with keeping bladder infections away.
    • Scalp Detox: 2 table spoons of olive oil, 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon, and 1 teaspoon of baking soda. Put the mixture on your scalp and let it set for 10-15 minutes then rinse the product out.

About the cute canister that has my baking soda in it.

You're probably still looking at my most amazing little shaker for baking soda, wishing you had one too. While I got mine from simple solutions making one of these things at home wouldn't be tough to do at all. In all honesty, the container that I have is almost like a Parmesan Cheese container. When you're done with your parmesan cheese, add the baking soda to the container, might I suggest to label the container, because if you don't you'll end up trying to put baking soda on your food. Baking soda is safe to eat, but it won't taste that good being put on someone's potato or their pasta. 

Science experiments??

I attempted to try that thing that they have online, the vinegar and baking soda instead of helium. It doesn't work at all. I have seen people make what they call film canister rockets, by putting baking soda in a piece of toilet paper then filling the canister with vinegar.

If you're still wanting something to do with baking soda to help your kids with school science projects there are so many things to do with your baking soda and vinegar. Check google for some of the ideas if you're curious about baking soda yourself.

I received this product free, for my honest opinion and ideas.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Silly little nosy kitten

My name is Freya I am the neighborhood gossip if only people to hear what I could say and what I've seen. Human mom likes to look out the window with me sometimes and make me feel a bit claustrophobic, but sitting and staring out the window's my thing. I like learning about things, by not going outside. I was a homeless kitten when my human mommy and daddy found me.

Human mom says I sit looking out the window in style and very comfortable. I sit at the back of the couch and place my paws under my chin while I look out the window. Sitting on the couch is more comfortable than a windowsill. I'm Freya, a cat--a curious cat.

Now here's a quick word from my human mom.

Day 4: High Pain Tolerance

Let's flash back three years ago when I was in labor with my son. I went to the hospital not because I was in pain, but I just "felt weird" my quotes exactly. I felt weird. I remember my doctor asking me a few times if I was in any pain, and without flinching I told her no. My son was a c-section, and I wasn't supposed to be scheduled for a month, so they had to rush and get my c-section done.

A day after my c-section, I was up and about and taking care of my son, who was still on oxygen. I don't know if the lack of pain then was because I wanted to be around my little boy or it was because I handled pain well, I was just surprised that I was oblivious to my pain.

For that time until my doctor had to quit, I remember her telling me that if I said something is painful, she knew it was painful.

The only thing's pain wise that have even bothered me were kidney stones, and a sinus infection. I have no clue why a sinus infection would hurt but labor didn't. I've had ruptured cysts on my ovaries, and they hurt, but it wasn't the pain that would bring me to the hospital, what brought me to the hospital many of times was the fact that I was so uncomfortable when I laid down and sat down, I knew something was wrong.

Day 3: I am very nonjudgmental

I'm one of those people that doesn't pass judgement often. No matter it be someone's religion, sexuality, race, life style or gender. I haven't been in somebody's shoes to know what's going on in their lives to even pass judgement.

For example, just recently, there was an article about someone who wanted to be a genderless alien. My logic came down to if they are happy, then that's all that matters. They weren't hurting anybody with their choice, than so be it. They seemed happier, which makes me happy.

My logic has been most of the time people judge other people for something that they have no control over or if they don't fit in a metaphoric box there most be something wrong with them or whatever people's excuses are.

If we were meant to be the same (human kind) we would have all been born that way. If humans were all the same, we wouldn't really have that much trouble finding a mate, everyone would look the same, have the same religious affiliation or whatever it may be. The luck of the hunt while finding a partner would be pretty boring.

Never once would I judge someone without getting to know them. That's why I listed it as one good thing about me. Sure people will beg to differ about this whole entry and say that not being judgmental is bad, but that's what I feel is good about me.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Good things day 2: Imagination time

Image result for imagination memes
Day 2 Good things about me:  I'm very imaginative
My imagination is one of the greatest things about me. It's been one of those things that I've heard people say great things about. So many times in school I'd get told that I was imaginative and wrote pretty good. It's what kept me going. Writing now has became a great outlet, I like to be able to transport myself into the life of somebody else sometimes as a writer. It's whats so cool. 

One thing about highly imaginative people is that I don't think people understand what our dreams are like. They're about as crazy as what we write about. I have a story I'm working on which I can't get into much about it yet because I feel that I'll spoil it, but it's basically long story short about one of the things I've been dreaming about lately, it's all a different dimension type of book, which is going to be one out of three books. I want one to be more of a guide book about the dimension, one just a personal account, and the other one of those random FAQ mock book, like I've seen for when people travel abroad. But it's been a part of my dreams, and I want to write about it.

When I'm not writing I do like to attempt to edit photos, I'm not the best and my ideas never mirror what I wanted in the beginning, but it makes me happy, and I like the photos, I'm not sure if anyone else would, but I think if it makes me happy it's all that really matters. 

I could go on and on about my imagination, and why I like it, and why it's cool to have a conversation in your head with someone you know doesn't really exist, because it calms me. It's not like I'm crazy, delusional, or have like skitzo type of moments, I know it's not a real voice, I know the people in my mind aren't real. But it's just like when someone reads a story they're transported and imagine things, I do the same thing. How I write usually, I play in my head, "I wonder how such-and-such" would walk around the store, or when I'm at the store, I'm thinking about whoever it may be and the things they'd do or say. It's how I make people come alive I guess.

:) Maybe one day I'll give more of a walk into my imagination but this is what I have so far. 

Freya Friday

Not much has been happening in my neck of the woods, I've been busy playing with my stringy, it's a draw string from mom's pants that came out, and I carry it everywhere. But other than that I've been busy watching the neighborhood cat outside, I don't like her, even when I lived outside I didn't like her.

My human sister is over. My human sissy is my daddy's daughter, she lives with her mommy else where, but my human mommy and human daddy see my sissy. My human sister is my human. I chose her as my companion, we have a special bond, I like sleeping next to my human, and protecting her. I even thought of one human mom's bags was sissy's bag and when Monkey came by my bag, I hissed at him and told him not to touch the bag. I don't trust Monkey around mommy and sissy's stuff.

Mom also said something about teaching me manners, she says I have play aggression, and now that I'm older and my claws are sharper and not like baby kitten claws it hurts her. I don't mean to be mean and feel bad once I hurt her, but mommy says we're going to play with toys and stringy more, so I don't hurt her hands.

That's been my last few days. Human mom says she'll help me write more entries.

Love always, best fishes,

Friday, March 3, 2017

Freebie Friday with a twist

I really didn't get many freebies this week, at all other than a few magazine. Because I feel bad about not having any Freebies, I'm bring them to you, kind of.

I've been in love with Marvck lately. What exactly is Marvck? It's a site a lot like BzzAgent, Smiley 360, and pages such as that. It's a little different as well. Your tasks you're asked to do, reward you. As an example being a Bounty insider you're asked a question about You share information on Align Jr from P&G Home, and you're able to unlock a coupon, for $5 off of Align Jr. you're even sent products to try. I've tried to cover all of the Marvck sites as there are a few and most are from well-known names.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Day one of good things about me: Thrifty Thrifty Thrifty

Day 1: I am very thrifty 
I love being thrifty, it's one of my favorite things to do. Learning how to save money is something that makes me happy. If I could go through life without spending anything on stuff again I would. I don't want to be like one of those extreme cheapskates on TV. I'll save money and learn some tricks, but I know my limits if it makes sense. 

Some of the things I like to do to save money are: 
    • Couponing: I'm getting back into the whole coupon thing. And because I'm getting back into it, I don't have more than one copy of coupons yet, because I'm still learning everything again. Being away for 4 years, things have changed. I want a stock pile but I have to remember everything coupon wise. Since I'm still beginning, I was lucky a few weeks ago to only pay, $10 for the stuff below. I know it's not 100% savings, or close but getting closer is what matters most. 
    • Looking at freebies online: There's a list of sites that I can give out that offer freebies, I won't even list them all, but I do look for freebies as often as I can. People spend money on magazines, and I don't remember the last time I bought a magazine. 
    • Product reviews: Not so much anymore because Amazon doesn't really allow many reviews but when they did, it was what kept me saving money, and doing what I really really loved. I love writing and blogging, and talking about stuff. Really I do. 
    • Survey's: All of what I bought above is from money from survey's. I can make about $100, on stuff I want or like (and I've decided to buy me a new computer with survey money). All you need to do is learn what sites make the best money and how to take surveys.
    • Learning Short cuts to things: I watched those cheapskate shows and learned things like how to make my own deodorant and how to reuse toilet paper rolls for other things. My favorite idea is using little slivers of soap in pantyhose. I won't go to the extremes those people did, like putting green carpet down on my lawn to simulate grass, but for the most part I'm cool with a lot of short cuts. 
While that mostly covers it, I do like learning new ways to be thrifty if I can.  

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A message from Freya

And a post from Freya:

Human mom was  watching a TV show today. She was watching a show called, Cats 101. I wasn't too happy with it, I was jealous so I climbed into her arms, looked cute, and started purring. Human mom said it was cute, and that I was cute. You know what human mom did? She watched more ,then she asked me, "Freya, are these cute kitties?" So I stepped on her computer.  Human mom said that what I did was silly and it makes me jealous.

I want Monkey and I to be the only cats. There's a cat outside, I don't get a long with her at all. Human mommy and daddy think she's pretty, but they don't know that I think she's mean.

This is just another update from you cute little kitten.

Love always,