Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Why I've been MIA and some stuff

I feel awful for being missing in action on all my blogs the past few weeks. I really wanted to blog, believe me, I did, but I have a lot going on in my life right now healthwise I don't even know how to start. I don't know how to start. But I'll get to everything going on.

I don't want anyone having some weird pity party for me, or to feel bad for me. Because it's not what my goal right now is my goal is to explain everything going on some changes to my other blogs, and a ton of stuff that I need to get out of my head.

My health is the first and foremost thing.
Around July I started getting weird numbness and tingling in my extremities and my face. Which worried my nurse practitioner, so she sent me to get bloodwork to check for stuff like, lupus, and stuff like that. My dad had lupus, RA, fibromyalgia and some other things wrong with him when he was alive, so it scared me a lot. Getting those tests.

My tests ended up coming back that I do have a problem with my ANA being high, which sometimes people's ANA can be high and nothing is wrong with them, or there can be something wrong, so I was sent to see a rheumatologist. I was told by my NP, to look at the symptoms of lupus to know what I'm dealing with and that my tiredness, achiness, my kidney troubles, and my headaches could all stem from having lupus or some kind of autoimmune disorder.

With all of that, I was told to see a neurologist, from my rheumatologist, because he thinks some of my problems are neurological. So I'm still waiting on that. Yay! More stuff that's wrong with me.

As I stated I do have a problem with headaches, I have a problem with migraines both regular migraines and what they call occipital migraines. Which love to take turns, so my heads hurting a lot. It gets me tired, and medications either don't work or I can't take them because I am medication sensitive, and have a red dye allergy. It's all finding what works.

I wish I could stop with my health issues, I'd love to but my health doesn't end there. My more recent blood work also shows that I have a problem with a low white blood cell count and a low platelet count. They make me feel freaking miserable.

One of these things is messing with my immune system badly, I end up catching what other people have. I was lucky to get the stomach bug going around, and as I'm writing this I feel miserable.

So with all of that, puts up question marks above them health wise. I do have problems that are constant like I said, my migraines, I also have a problem with IBS. I am also an Aspie (Asperger's) which is on the autism spectrum. I am not saying that autism is an illness or anything of the sort, the co-morbidity of it does cause a handful of problems.

Some days I too sore and tired to attempt to write my blog, some days I'm in the middle of stomach cramps, and some days I feel like having a meltdown. I want to blog consistently, but I try to put my health first. I can't keep doing that, though.

Some changes
A few of the blogs I have are going to be migrated, a few are going but-bye, or are being revamped, or something of the sort. Breathes of Darkness is going to be leaving. But I do have a music centered blog in its place, a news and review type of page. Same goes with Chakra Blossom, I'm getting a new blog because I'm not too happy with all the essential oils and such like that I want more relatable of a blog.

The blog that is going is going to be Glitz Book, I'll still talk about fashion, but it's going to be written about here, and not all the time.

Even this blog is going to get more interesting. Freya and my freebies will still be here, but I'm hoping for more reviews, more ways to save and make money, and even more personal blogs. Talking about personal. Someone I follow on Facebook, Lok-crezia, who is also an Aspie, has been doing this thing, where she has been talking about one good thing about herself, to put her in a better mood lately. Which led me to think, "My blog needs that, I need to be doing that. It's been hell health wise but, I need to see the good in myself. I pretend I have none."  Okay, it's more I don't think I have any good points, that I'm lazy, or that all I am is a walking talking illness. Those little illness microbe plushies are cool by the way.

So with that said some things that will be happening with this blog are:

  • Coupons/money saving: I know I really don't need to get into it but it's my life and this blog is me, and I'm Trixie and I like free stuff.
  • More Freya, she's wanting at least two days, because she' a diva
  • More positivity. Thanks, Lok-crezia or the idea!
  • More personal stuff. Yes, this blog will take the nerd button up more, more stuff about my life in general, fashion, stuff that make me, who I am. 
  • Last but not least, a bit more about health. Because nobody needs to be alone. Ever. I want to shine a light on autism. I want to talk about my daily life with autism. 

Much love,

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