Monday, February 13, 2017

Kitty Sleeping on her back again?!

I've heard and read many wives tales about cats and why they sleep on their back. Before I took this photo of my sleeping kitten Freya, she was sleeping on her back, until she nearly fell off of the bed. I had to save her from falling off. She really loves sleeping on her back.

So what on earth does a cat sleeping on her back mean? Caster had a funny little article about what a cat's favorite position says about them. But it actually does hold some merit to why Freya chooses to sleep on her back rather than Monkey (our other cat), who sleeps on his stomach or on his side.

When a cat sleeps on her back, belly up, it doesn't mean she's dead, like it means in goldfish language, it means she or he's comfortable. A cat's belly is there tender spot, they don't like to be touched there unless they trust who they're around, and even more so they trust their human when they're sleeping. Freya's telling me "Girl human, I'm comfortable, I trust you won't bother me or hurt me." As I do try to keep my distance from Freya when I'm writing or blogging.

Freya also made mention to me that along with freebie Friday she wants a Freya's day Friday, and that she wants to be a blogger. So if you're into cat blogs, be ready she'll have her own little segment on Friday's since Friday means Frigg's Day, which refers to Frigg (Freya) the Norse Goddess of fertility and love. Since there's a ton of things that Freya does want to talk about, cat things.

Yes I am aware I am not Dr. Dolittle and Freya really doesn't talk to me. I am going to be starting a Friday segment with Freya since it felt befitting of my little furry friend to have her own special day in the blogging world.

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