Friday, February 3, 2017

Angel Fish Education.

I really had to talk about this cool educational game I found online, called Angel Breed. It's all about genetics, and recessive vs, dominant traits. You have 20 rounds to breed fish.

Your two starter fish are a Silver Blue Angel Fish with a veil, and fish two is a silver as you've noticed on the photo there are three different things to look at the Color, the stripes, and the veil.

Once your two beginner fish breed three offspring are chosen, out of 50 offspring to go into the tank to reproduce. A common silver angel fish is extremely common giving zero points to rarity. Like anywhere the rarer something is the more money it's going to be sold for.

Once you mate your first two fish, you're given the option of more things to control about your fish genetically. It almost ups the ante a bit if you'll notice. We have a normal fish, a gold fish a marble, and a double dark. In my opinion, I like the gold marble. I think they're pretty so for my expierement, I'm going to mate the gold and gold marble together to see what's going to happen. If you know genetics you already know what's going to happen to these two.

Genetics gave me a whole new grab bag of fish, two white golds with veils, and a white gold marble with a veil. The whole game goes on for 20 rounds to see how much someone can accumulate. People can play either one out of two ways, breed to make fish they like i.e. your dream angel fish or you're able to make the fish that makes you tons of money. 

Sometimes your tank gets full because you're only able to have 20 fish, which does mean you will have to sell some of your fish. My silver angel fish, who has zero genetic value as you can see, only sells for 4 coins, while my black hybrid clown, sells for 17 coins. 
If you're curious about what's going to happen when you use genetics, you can test it by paying 20 coins to find out what happens during your breeding process, which will give you a list of genotypes and the possiblities that are out there when you breed two fish together. The list for my two fish is so long, I have decided to not show them all.

For those curious what the outcome of my fish tank was, we the three above. There's always a list to see how much each fish is worth, but I hardly ever use it when I'm breeding, because I want to find out after I mate two fish together. Either way is an option. 

Have fun and happy breeding?

What's your favorite breed of fish in the game?

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