Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Free Mommy Boxes

While I don't have a new baby or anytime soon, there are some places to get some free baby things. I have I figured I'd find out about these pages for some very important ladies on my Facebook, which I love very much. You gals know exactly who I"m talking to. Yes I love you. Heck, I was able to help my neighbor who needed a baby bottle one day, so if you're a nice person and want to donate your boxes you're more than welcome to it's all up to you. You can refer back to my previous post about places to get free suff.

The only thing I hadn't signed up for was the Amazon stuff, because I really don't have a wee one, and I didn't want to spend $10 for my reborn doll and a new pair of clothes for her. But Gwen is a good model if there's something like diapers or an outfit. She doesn't mind wearing them. 

Place One: Amazon: 

So how exactly do you get these free things from Amazon?  You will need to have Amazon Prime or else you're not going to be able to get the box. If you haven't used your free 30 days of Prime, now will be a good time. 

  1. Click on this link here
  2. Find an item for each sub catagory. Such as out and about, you'll need to add a carrier, stroller, travel system, car seat, and a play yard for your little tyke. You don't have to be picky and choosy, just click on what you want (or if you want to use this for your baby registry). 
  3. Buy something for baby for $10. It doesn't matter what it is. 
Place Two: Enfamil
        This is an easy form to fill out here all of which should be simple, unless you are I who don't have a baby and had to mathematically think of a magical due date of my magical baby.  Which I will never have but, because I am trying all the links before giving them out I had to do that. 

Place Three The Imagination Library
         Either if you're a parent or a parent to be, Dolly Pardon offers free books from the ages 2-5. Which of course is great for any parent. Books are a great part of a growing mind. While not all locations are available, feel free to try. 

Place Four Similac 
             Even if you're not going to use Similac instead of Enfamil, you're able to fill out the form and you're ready to go. Again the questions shouldn't be anything difficult. 

Place Five Target
               You'll have to fill out a baby registry with Target to get the stuff. But it's pretty easy to make a registry.  

Place Six: Walmart Welcome Box
                  This is a very special welcome box, you input all your information like you did the last few times and you're sent a welcome box. I have ordered one of these once to see what was in them. You get diapers, ointment, and a ton of other things that are great for new parents.

Place Seven:  Sams Club Welcome Box
                   Sams Club and Walmart are two different boxes by the way. Which they do send different items for the little bundle of joy. This is another great box, it has detergent, diaper rash cream wipes and a ton of other important things for a new baby.

Place Eight Generatation Good
                     Generation Good is a lot like Mom's meet and the other pages that I have talked about in one of my previous blogs while it's a hit and miss there are tons of items that you may be eligiable for. 

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