Thursday, January 5, 2017

Day 3 30 day challenge: "How to be a cat!"

I haven't done it for while but I'm back to writing challenge day 3 sounded more exciting than it's ever been. It's a 15 step process on how to be a cat. I thought it'd be unique.

Please ignore some of my silly pop culture references. 

  1. Get a new name. I'm sure there's not a cat named Tina, Gene, or Gale. 
  2. Get a tail and ears. Not all cats have tails but tails are sort of cute. 
  3. Seclude yourself from others. Most cats don't like people.
  4. Buy a litter box
  5. Scratch on furniture. 
  6. Meow at random things.
  7. Run around the house in the morning
  8. Knock stuff off of bookshelves and dressers.
  9. Puke up hairballs 
  10. Use the litter box you bought in step 4 
  11. Eat and sleep all the time
  12. learn to purr, and meow
  13. Lay on top of your master's warm computer
  14. Fight with the other cats in the house
  15. Pick yourself your own human

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