Saturday, January 28, 2017

A new addiction

I'm in love with fashion, and I was trying to find me that one fashion game that was cool, but yet unique. There was a ton of searching by the way, just because that's how I am, I am very picky about my fashion games and simulations, they can't be boring or look boring. This one is one of my favorites, as it's nicely made and the clothes on it are very customizable. Oh did I mention that they had makeup, tattoos and piercings yet? Yeah! The game is called Lady Popular

Signing up

When you sign up you're able to pick your eye color hair color, and the basics about your Lady Popular character. When you sign up, you're going to a little tutorial, which shows you all of the buttons and it'll make you do tasks to show you how everything works. You'll make it up to be about a level 9ish when you're done with all your introductory things.


This is Brian my boyfriend. He's a car racer. He isn't handsome, but he's my boyfriend. 

In lady popular, you have a boyfriend. No they are not real people, they're virtual boyfriends. My boyfriend's name is Brian Walker, he's a car racer and he gives me 10% generosity boost. With a boyfriend you have a few things you can do, and you should do, or he will break up with you. 
With a boyfriend you can:

  1. Flirt flirting is a must or else you're not going to get a boyfriend.
  2. Kiss him
  3. Talk with him on the phone
  4. Go on dates with him
  5. Give him gifts 
  6. Break up with him
As you show your boyfriend affection, like in the dating world, if you have a connection he can buy you gifts and you can get engaged. 

Battling in the Fashion Arena

My chart (I'm purple frost by the way)

The arena itself. 

To be Lady Popular there's a lot of battling in the arena, you train your doll. In areas like devotion, creativity, style, generosity, and whichever there may be. The stronger you are the easier it will be to beat your opponent. Your boyfriend also gives you some of your popularity boosts, as for Brian, he gives me 10% generosity. 

If you win a battle, you're given experience points and money. Money can buy a whole bunch of things, like stuff for your apartment, animals, personality points, or clothes. 

Shopping for clothes

It did say the clothes were the main reason why I like the game, because they are easy to customize.You got to the shop to buy your clothing items and change your clothes in the wardrobe. How you dress does effect your style points as well.


You're able to make friends as well in this game, friends that aren't digital or virtual. A lot of the people playing lady popular appear to be older women, (or men), always feel free to say hi to me if you want to, my user name is PurpleFrost. 

Your cellphone 

Your cellphone is what gives your quest or your to-do list. In the beginning up until you're past your tutorial, there's only one thing to do at a time and the phone annoyingly blinks, so if there's that person taht may have seizures with blinking lights, I don't suggest Lady Popular at all. 

The contests 

Last but not least Lady Popular has contests, you're able to vote for whole you want to win and click on their avatar that brings you to their main page, where you can vote for whichever doll you want to win. You can also click the random button in the corner if you're on a voting spree. Whatever you want to do. 

The contest things. 
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