Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Mucus, Mucinex

It's time again, to enjoy the wonders of the medication world.  Like my last conversation about cold medicines wasn't enough,  it's just that this one isn't as nice, or as a kind of the other about how I liked, tolerated the taste of Robitussin. I really didn't mind the taste of that stuff. But just recently I was sent a bottle of Mucinex from Smiley360 to try and I was going to try it. I did wake up with a sore throat so I thought it was a novel idea.

Bad idea, bad idea altogether. This stuff tasted awful, it tasted exactly like I'd think Vick's would taste, and smelled just like it. It burned all the way down, and if my throat wasn't hurting already that was just not cool. 

If that didn't make it worse, I know it can cause dizziness, but this made me so dizzy I felt like I was going to make me vomit. Which put me out of order for the rest of the day

If you can handle the taste and sleeping for the rest of the day than feel free to take it. But this really isn't the kind of medicine I would take.

I received this free from Smiley 360 all opinions are my own. 

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