Thursday, December 8, 2016

Fun made up game

I really love being a creative person sometimes, about two months ago I learned about an Amazing website called Canva, is a content and document creator, and it's how I made all my banners for my blogs. I had a great time making them. Tonight I had done a bit of a challenge for myself. It's a lot like the Tumblr, CD cover challenge. But I decided to go with status shuffle and some websites to make Facebook Banners. 

Since I enjoyed my game, I needed to share it feel free to follow or tweak the steps if you don't like them. 

1. Open status Shuffle on Facebook
2. Click the shuffle button 3 times. Do not click a keyword 
3. Use one of these sites or two of these sites (only because it's easier that way)
4. Search the topic of the status on one of the sites listed above
5. Make a banner with the quote and the photo. 
6. Randomly Pick a Premade template on Canva 
7. For an added bonus make a second cover photo, but create your own photo without a template 

My game results
Creators bonus: 
Variation1: create a Blogger Blog title with it, and come up with a catchy blog name. 

Variation 2: Instead Do a Facebook graphic with a new template, but press the shuffle button twice to get a new status, and think of a cool name for your watermark/credit photo to yourself or your made up blog page. 

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