Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday Freebie Haul

It's Friday time for my Freebie Friday Haul. We all know I'm a fan of freebies, and whatever it may be. This week the Haul wasn't as big as I would have hoped for it to be. But there's always next week.

My Magazines

  • Hola Magazine

My Books

I am not Christian, I am more pantheist (God is everywhere and everywhere is god), but I don't mind reading
a Christian Based book. There's a whole religious library at my apartment. These fit in. 

I never usually have this written down, but since I did get something medical that's exactly what it is.
Thank you CrowdTap, it helped my step daughter's cough this week! She said it tasted great as well! Woohoo!

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