Thursday, December 29, 2016

About Mom's Meet

After yesterday's post, I felt a little guilty about not fully explaining Mom's Meet to my happy readers. Today I'll try to get into exactly what Mom's meet is and some other sites that are sort of like Mom's Meet because I'm pretty sure you want to know more sites after you hear about this one.

Mom's Meet
Mom's Meet is a brand ambassador's program for lack of a better term. There are two types of ambassadors, and someone can be both 1) The Mom's Ambassador, these women are sharing their information with their mother's group. 2)A product blogger, you're able to blog about this stuff.

The application process for Mom's Meet is very easy. They're usually about 3 steps long, which entitles, liking a product commenting and filling in your information. Every time you fill out an application you get 500 reward points.
The reward points are nice, you can get a ton of cool things, for instance, that Mystery box I got yesterday I got with my points. Mom's meet also has other cool thins such as recipes and stuff.

Social Nature
Social Nature is open to both Canada and the United States, and the application process is easier than the one for Mom's meet you click on a Product that's available for your country, then click on want it, and you answer a handful of important questions and you're done.

And if you thought applying for the last two were easy. Let's go even a little easier with the applications. All you have to do for Swaggable is click the "Want it" button and you're done. The's no questions to ask, all they ask for when you get the product if you're chosen is sent to you, do a quick review for your products and that's it.

House Party 
While House Party is harder to get anything from and it's application per product is crazy, it's actually worth it. I've had a Peanut butter party once for Jif, and it was fantastic.

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