Monday, December 26, 2016

A little bit of money making in action

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As someone that is innovative, I love to make money online, most of my money goes right back into my blogging. So if you see a photo of something that doesn't say it's a review item or a sponsored ad, chances are that I paid for it out of pocket. I always get those shifty eyes when I tell people that I do make my money online or the comments that making money online isn't going to make tons of money. I'm aware of that, I do it to help my blogs.

I thought it was time to show off at least a few of the sites that I do use. 

Writing Sites

Niume: Like to write, do you have a blog? Feel free to post your writing here? You get $10 for every 10,000 views but that's not really hard of a task if you like to write and you know how to share your stuff.

Survey Sites

Survey sites are just the run of the mill sites that most people use to make money. While my list may not be the same as someone else's, everyone has their own preference on what site they like better.

Paid View Point:  Paid Viewpoint doesn't always have surveys, but when it does, there's not qualifying and it's quick and easy questions.

YouGov:  YouGov has no qualifying surveys, you get 500 points per survey and most of the time you get one to two surveys a day. The rewards range anywhere from an Amazon Gift card to a Gift Card for Michael's craft store.

Crowdtap: Crowdtap is technically isn't a survey site because it does ask you questions about companies and your preferences about things, but you do get $5 for Amazon, and free stuff. So this does get included. 

Instant Cash Surveys: Instant Cash Surveys is a site with random questions, most are not any of those special type of surveys that you need to qualify for. While you only get anywhere from $0.02, and $0.08 cents per round, it's really easy to use and the maximum payout is only $2.
OneOpinion: A fairly easy survey site. They do have surveys you need to qualify for, but most of the time they're fairly easy. Unlike a lot of the other sites that require PayPal OneOpinion doesn't, they send you a prepaid visa card.
ClixSense: This has been my top go-to website lately, I've made about $80 this past month on it, and it's fairly easy to use. Most people get caught up in clicking the ads, which isn't where the money is, it's where the surveys are.

Micro jobs (little jobs for pennies)

Spare 5: Spare 5 is a micro job sort of site, it allows you to little tasks for like $.03 per task, while the payout is at a minimum of $1 by Friday, the $1 and it's a hit and miss when it comes to spare 5, but it's a very easy site to learn how to use


Wynzyn: Wynzyn is very simple you watch a few commercials and get put in for a drawing.

Search Sites: 

Bing: Bing is a Microsoft Rewards program for searching with your browser, and searching for things that they ask you to search for, and answering questions. The prizes and payment are usually gift cards, a month of Hulu, or XBOX Live membership.

Qmee:  Qmee's a very simple little add-on to your browser when you're searching for something online it shows up sometimes with places to get whatever you're searching and shopping for cheaper, or will have a sponsored link to click on. It's very easy to make at least $3 a month with just this simple add-on.

Random Phone apps:

Ibotta: Ibotta is a rebate program almost, you buy stuff at the store, and you can get money back for certain items such as milk, bread, pasta, cheese, or whatever it may be. The minimum payment is $20, but it's fairly easy to reach the $20

Receipt Hog: Scan your receipt and get a little bit of money back for each one you scan. There's really not much to explain about it. 

Walmart Savings Catcher: If you're close to Walmart, this app is actually a life saver. You know how Walmart claims to be the cheapest place to shop? They make that their mission. You download the Walmart app and they have a little spot on their app called Walmart Savings Catcher, you scan your receipt and if the item is cheaper elsewhere in your area, you get your money back. 

Other sites
Daily Break: Daily break is just as it sounds it's a place you can read news, do quizzes, take personality tests or whatever you want to do and get paid for it. Well not exactly paid for it. You can get magazine subscriptions or spent it all on sweepstakes. 

Slice the Pie: Rate music or clothing for money. You need to write a bit though, you get 3 to 5 cents per song you rate.

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