Monday, December 12, 2016

30 day creative writing challenge

As a writer, I was hoping that I could get some writing challenges in this month. Probably not every day but at least three to four times a week so I can be more creative. To try to broaden my writing horizons. You know create things. 
30 day creative writing challenge | Tumblr:

The first and last lines of the song that was on shuffle (Enemies by Shinedown) are
Listen up! There's not a moment to spare
But you'll get nothing from me But enemies! Enemies! Enemies!

The clock is ticking, but I feel like I'm falling apart. In this world, nothing seems as beautiful as it used to be. The days are getting longer. Here I am believing things will change. But lost in the reality that things will not get better, and I'll be stuck, alone. Dead, decaying and crying.

Careless memories are all that I have left of what we used to be. At the time I thought you cared about me like you said you did. But I know the truth, and I know what goes on behind closed doors. You're nothing more than an enemy. Nothing more than someone helplessly provoking me. My mind is a mess of thoughts, and my dreams are faded.

Where were you when I needed you the most? Where I was I when you needed me? I don't have any clue. I don't remember what life was like when we used to get along. Did we ever get along or was it just the way I perceived it. Was I too nieve to think that you and I actually got along? Probably? Or just maybe.

Some days I don't the day to end since I hold on to some hope that you'd be there for me once more. Looking back on life, looking back on everything. It's tough to imagine what life could be like if things went differently. If we weren't just enemies. I'm looking up at the clock again, hoping it will change. Hoping you will change as well.

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