Thursday, December 29, 2016

About Mom's Meet

After yesterday's post, I felt a little guilty about not fully explaining Mom's Meet to my happy readers. Today I'll try to get into exactly what Mom's meet is and some other sites that are sort of like Mom's Meet because I'm pretty sure you want to know more sites after you hear about this one.

Mom's Meet
Mom's Meet is a brand ambassador's program for lack of a better term. There are two types of ambassadors, and someone can be both 1) The Mom's Ambassador, these women are sharing their information with their mother's group. 2)A product blogger, you're able to blog about this stuff.

The application process for Mom's Meet is very easy. They're usually about 3 steps long, which entitles, liking a product commenting and filling in your information. Every time you fill out an application you get 500 reward points.
The reward points are nice, you can get a ton of cool things, for instance, that Mystery box I got yesterday I got with my points. Mom's meet also has other cool thins such as recipes and stuff.

Social Nature
Social Nature is open to both Canada and the United States, and the application process is easier than the one for Mom's meet you click on a Product that's available for your country, then click on want it, and you answer a handful of important questions and you're done.

And if you thought applying for the last two were easy. Let's go even a little easier with the applications. All you have to do for Swaggable is click the "Want it" button and you're done. The's no questions to ask, all they ask for when you get the product if you're chosen is sent to you, do a quick review for your products and that's it.

House Party 
While House Party is harder to get anything from and it's application per product is crazy, it's actually worth it. I've had a Peanut butter party once for Jif, and it was fantastic.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Mom's Meet Box

It's not Friday and I'm well aware, but today I got my Moms Meet Mystery Box today. Repeat slowly, "Mystery box" On Mom's meet you're given points for things that you do. The thing that are usually done on Mom's meet are answering questions, having mother's meetings, and do blog ambassador jobs. It's a great way to learn about new healthy products. 

By the end of the week, I will have a review here and on my Chakra Blossom about what I've tried. All except the Melatonin because I don't use it, so I gave it to my neighbors and the Coconut bites because I am allergic to Pomegranate 

Lavender Hemp Soap

Harvest Snaps
Vitamin C Gummies and Melatonin Gummies

Cookie thins

Child Life Vitamins 

Organic Coconut Chews 

Organic Life Magazine

The Mystery of the Last Treuox 

My haul, there's also a bag and a bug bracelet, but sine the weather is too cold for bugs
I'm unable to review and talk about it properly. 

Monday, December 26, 2016

A little bit of money making in action

(this page contains referrals) 
As someone that is innovative, I love to make money online, most of my money goes right back into my blogging. So if you see a photo of something that doesn't say it's a review item or a sponsored ad, chances are that I paid for it out of pocket. I always get those shifty eyes when I tell people that I do make my money online or the comments that making money online isn't going to make tons of money. I'm aware of that, I do it to help my blogs.

I thought it was time to show off at least a few of the sites that I do use. 

Writing Sites

Niume: Like to write, do you have a blog? Feel free to post your writing here? You get $10 for every 10,000 views but that's not really hard of a task if you like to write and you know how to share your stuff.

Survey Sites

Survey sites are just the run of the mill sites that most people use to make money. While my list may not be the same as someone else's, everyone has their own preference on what site they like better.

Paid View Point:  Paid Viewpoint doesn't always have surveys, but when it does, there's not qualifying and it's quick and easy questions.

YouGov:  YouGov has no qualifying surveys, you get 500 points per survey and most of the time you get one to two surveys a day. The rewards range anywhere from an Amazon Gift card to a Gift Card for Michael's craft store.

Crowdtap: Crowdtap is technically isn't a survey site because it does ask you questions about companies and your preferences about things, but you do get $5 for Amazon, and free stuff. So this does get included. 

Instant Cash Surveys: Instant Cash Surveys is a site with random questions, most are not any of those special type of surveys that you need to qualify for. While you only get anywhere from $0.02, and $0.08 cents per round, it's really easy to use and the maximum payout is only $2.
OneOpinion: A fairly easy survey site. They do have surveys you need to qualify for, but most of the time they're fairly easy. Unlike a lot of the other sites that require PayPal OneOpinion doesn't, they send you a prepaid visa card.
ClixSense: This has been my top go-to website lately, I've made about $80 this past month on it, and it's fairly easy to use. Most people get caught up in clicking the ads, which isn't where the money is, it's where the surveys are.

Micro jobs (little jobs for pennies)

Spare 5: Spare 5 is a micro job sort of site, it allows you to little tasks for like $.03 per task, while the payout is at a minimum of $1 by Friday, the $1 and it's a hit and miss when it comes to spare 5, but it's a very easy site to learn how to use


Wynzyn: Wynzyn is very simple you watch a few commercials and get put in for a drawing.

Search Sites: 

Bing: Bing is a Microsoft Rewards program for searching with your browser, and searching for things that they ask you to search for, and answering questions. The prizes and payment are usually gift cards, a month of Hulu, or XBOX Live membership.

Qmee:  Qmee's a very simple little add-on to your browser when you're searching for something online it shows up sometimes with places to get whatever you're searching and shopping for cheaper, or will have a sponsored link to click on. It's very easy to make at least $3 a month with just this simple add-on.

Random Phone apps:

Ibotta: Ibotta is a rebate program almost, you buy stuff at the store, and you can get money back for certain items such as milk, bread, pasta, cheese, or whatever it may be. The minimum payment is $20, but it's fairly easy to reach the $20

Receipt Hog: Scan your receipt and get a little bit of money back for each one you scan. There's really not much to explain about it. 

Walmart Savings Catcher: If you're close to Walmart, this app is actually a life saver. You know how Walmart claims to be the cheapest place to shop? They make that their mission. You download the Walmart app and they have a little spot on their app called Walmart Savings Catcher, you scan your receipt and if the item is cheaper elsewhere in your area, you get your money back. 

Other sites
Daily Break: Daily break is just as it sounds it's a place you can read news, do quizzes, take personality tests or whatever you want to do and get paid for it. Well not exactly paid for it. You can get magazine subscriptions or spent it all on sweepstakes. 

Slice the Pie: Rate music or clothing for money. You need to write a bit though, you get 3 to 5 cents per song you rate.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Feel better with Robitussin

This week has been tough. I was put on Prednisone, and some antibiotics, and while the respiratory infection I was put on the stuff for has seemed to have disappeared, what hasn't disappeared was the tiredness. But when I think about it, there was one thing that helped me a little bit while I was waiting on the doctors. It was my Robitussin.

Robitussin's website was very helpful with searching for a Robitussin, that would work for me. It even had a 4 step system to help me pick out the right Robitussin.  With 4 questions, I wasn't as lost about what Robitussin to take the four questions were?

  1. Who is sick?
    Since I was the one that was sick. I chose an adult. 
  2. When do  I need relief?
    While I wanted to say all the time, I had two different options, during the day and during the night. I'm not a fan of coughing at night, as I don't think anyone else wants to be awake at night, and I really don't care if I'm out cold, as long as I'm feeling better.
  3. What are your symptoms?
    There's a huge list of symptoms (well more like 11 items to check from), I checked couch, sore throat, body aches, headache, chest congestion, and mucus. It was actually nice having a medication listen to me when I was sick. No other medication was willing to figure out my symptoms to help guide me to feeling better.
  4. Feel better with....
    I was suggested to take Robitussin Cough+Cold Congestion DM, and was even offered a $1 off coupon for my choice. I was able to save money and feel better
    Check out the relief finder for yourself
    So how was it? Did the Robitussin work? For the most part. If it was just a cold, but since I do have a "lung condition" just a little bit of over the counter cough medicine didn't work the way I was hoping for it to work, but at least I gave it a shot and it worked until I could see my doctor.

    I was sent this item, free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.  

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Sick sick

Being sick is awful. The past few days I haven't been able to breathe and when I do breathe my back hurts, so does my shoulder and I start coughing. I can't sleep because I can't breathe when I lay down and my back hurts more. It's all a never ending vicious cycle.

I see the doctor at 2:30 today (it's 6) to see what's wrong with me. I can't take it any longer and I feel like crap. I would be writing and blogging more if I could actually stay awake longer but I really can't do it. Which really really really sucks!

30 day writing challenge day 2 the color of my walls

The whiteness reminds me of a hospital room, cold clinical, with no escape. I feel like a prisoner in my own room. The walls make me feel claustrophobic, angry, with all the bitter memories of what, once was. Not what has been, because people in a clincal setting don't comprehend the blank feeling.

As I look out my window to see more write as it blankets the ground, with the crunch of cold wet snow right below my feet. Cold wet snow from here to across the yard. It attracts the dirt, the grime, and the emotions that people have left behind. A sad walk, or someone running. We all know what life is like when things are white and beautiful. But as soon as the time passes we're back to yellow snow, and dirty walls.

The emptiness, the lonelyness, and everything in between. I'm wondering what life would be like if things weren't so white and perfect. Perfect isn't ever a reality. It's just a dream, left for the world to see. Like an open book, and forgotten memories. It's the way children are led to believe. They're led to believe that everything is white and beautiful. When the world is black and cold. Life is cold. Everyone in it is cold. We're just robotic sheep, hoping the wolf doesn't swallow us whole. The wolf in this white clean clear world. 

Monday, December 12, 2016

30 day creative writing challenge

As a writer, I was hoping that I could get some writing challenges in this month. Probably not every day but at least three to four times a week so I can be more creative. To try to broaden my writing horizons. You know create things. 
30 day creative writing challenge | Tumblr:

The first and last lines of the song that was on shuffle (Enemies by Shinedown) are
Listen up! There's not a moment to spare
But you'll get nothing from me But enemies! Enemies! Enemies!

The clock is ticking, but I feel like I'm falling apart. In this world, nothing seems as beautiful as it used to be. The days are getting longer. Here I am believing things will change. But lost in the reality that things will not get better, and I'll be stuck, alone. Dead, decaying and crying.

Careless memories are all that I have left of what we used to be. At the time I thought you cared about me like you said you did. But I know the truth, and I know what goes on behind closed doors. You're nothing more than an enemy. Nothing more than someone helplessly provoking me. My mind is a mess of thoughts, and my dreams are faded.

Where were you when I needed you the most? Where I was I when you needed me? I don't have any clue. I don't remember what life was like when we used to get along. Did we ever get along or was it just the way I perceived it. Was I too nieve to think that you and I actually got along? Probably? Or just maybe.

Some days I don't the day to end since I hold on to some hope that you'd be there for me once more. Looking back on life, looking back on everything. It's tough to imagine what life could be like if things went differently. If we weren't just enemies. I'm looking up at the clock again, hoping it will change. Hoping you will change as well.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

13 Amazingly Cool Vampire Gothic Jewelry

My love affair for vampires has always been there. I don't mean the sparkling happy glampires, I mean the kind that makes us cringe in fear, as if we may be eaten. The snow's white, and so are the vampire's porcelain skin. So why not look at some amazing vampire jewelry inspiration

cool Silver Victorian Heart Shaped Pendant  Ruby by LeBoudoirNoir, $80.00...:
Vampire Gothic necklace - antique silver settings and blood red Siam Swarovski crystals - Victorian Gothic jewelry
Bed of Blood Roses Necklace by Alchemy Gothic

'Heart of Darkness' vampire necklace & pendant by Alchemy Gothic.:

Coffin Black Acrylic Ring by Curiology

I have also posted this on my other Blogs Breathes of Darkness and Glitz Book. Feel free to give those pages some love as well, and remember to stay fashionable. 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Fun made up game

I really love being a creative person sometimes, about two months ago I learned about an Amazing website called Canva, is a content and document creator, and it's how I made all my banners for my blogs. I had a great time making them. Tonight I had done a bit of a challenge for myself. It's a lot like the Tumblr, CD cover challenge. But I decided to go with status shuffle and some websites to make Facebook Banners. 

Since I enjoyed my game, I needed to share it feel free to follow or tweak the steps if you don't like them. 

1. Open status Shuffle on Facebook
2. Click the shuffle button 3 times. Do not click a keyword 
3. Use one of these sites or two of these sites (only because it's easier that way)
4. Search the topic of the status on one of the sites listed above
5. Make a banner with the quote and the photo. 
6. Randomly Pick a Premade template on Canva 
7. For an added bonus make a second cover photo, but create your own photo without a template 

My game results
Creators bonus: 
Variation1: create a Blogger Blog title with it, and come up with a catchy blog name. 

Variation 2: Instead Do a Facebook graphic with a new template, but press the shuffle button twice to get a new status, and think of a cool name for your watermark/credit photo to yourself or your made up blog page. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

4 Lazy Hair Hacks

Time for the Holiday's and time to be lazy it's what they all say right? Be lazy, but look good doing it too. Maybe doing your hair the lazy gal style is what you need! Look at that grace, and that beauty. Look at being lazy.

Half up half down:
1. This half up and half down thing. No time to fuss with the hair dryer. Just time to put your hair
up and enjoy a hot cocoa and some Frosty the Snowman.
(Link source: Tumblr)
2. The top knot messy bun. Every girl needs to learn this. I've tried asking a few male friends who have
pretty long hair and they still haven't let me in on their tricks.
(Image source)
3. Curling your hair after you put it in a pony tail.
(image source:)
4. Flat ironing your hair after you braid it, to make pretty beach waves.
(image source)

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Rockabilly Dresses

Rockabilly and Pinupdolls are one of my favorite styles. It can go from being beautiful to being somewhere between this gothic beauty, while at the same time throwing some modesty in. So with some love and some fashion. Here's the place where beauty and being a cherrybomb collide.

1.  Nautical Style Dress $199 (AU)
Looking for a beautiful dress for your favorite sailor suitor (try saying that 20 times fast). This dress has all the nautical beauty someone could dream of.
Nautical dress | rockabilly dresses |50s style dresses:

2. Printed Bow Pleat Dress $49.95
A little bit of rockabilly, a little bit of vintage and a little bit of goth come together with this beautiful dress. Grey may not be a favorite color for most outfits but it is pretty

3. 50s 60s Vintage Floral Print Divinity Rockabilly Swing Retro Dresses Pin Up $27.88
A pretty little a-line siluete dress is prefect for any time, and for almost any occasion. The roses bring out such a beautiful feel don't they?
50s 60s Vintage Floral Print Divinity Rockabilly Swing Retro Dresses Pin Up - Black

4. Yomoko Women's Vintage 50s 60s Rockabilly Swing Dress Halter Neck Party Dress $21.99
When I think of 50's I think of the typical polka dotted halter dress, and tons of beauty thrown in this dress is a classic if you want to dress vintage and rockabilly.
Yomoko Women's Vintage 50s 60s Rockabilly Swing Dress Hal...

5. Dressystar Vintage Polka Dot Retro Cocktail Prom Dresses 50's 60's Rockabilly Bandage $19.49-$25.96. 
This dress has so many different options to choose from it's almost (not really) overwhelming to pick out a dress that looks amazing and has rockabilly feel to it.
Dressystar Vintage Polka Dot Retro Cocktail Prom Dresses ...

6. ARANEE Vintage Classy Floral Sleeveless Party Picnic Party Cocktail Dress $18.99 - $21.99
What party or picnic wouldn't be complete if there's not a beauitful dress to show off? When you're going all vintage like the party will be a success and it's no wonder why you're getting so many adoring looks.

7. GRACE KARIN Women's Halter Neck Vintage Cocktail Dress $20.99 - $28.99Everything about this dress screamins rockabilly, and vintage, I almost feel at home seeing this dress. The pattern the beauty the dress!
Women's 50s Vintage Sliod Color Rockabilly Picnic Party Dress,Small,Black 50-1

8.50s 60s Rockabilly Dress Vintage Polka Dots Swing Jive Dress $69.99
This dress comes in only one color and one style, but who needs something that has more than that? It's beautiful, simple and vintage

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Monday, December 5, 2016 years resolutions

It's hard to believe that 2016 has is almost over with, when I remember it beginning, while I have a handful of New Year's resolutions. All of which that should be done rather than make a resolution because I have no reason why I haven't been doing either of them.

  1. Read more. I've been slacking for awhile on reading. I'm going to work my butt off on my Goodreads page, and my book goal for next year is going to be easy, and I'm sure I can go way past that reading list is 24 books. It's nothing too difficult. 
  2. Eating better and cutting out on junk food and caffeinated drinks. While I'll talk about it another time, since I really don't know what's fully going on. But since I may have an auto-immune disorder, I've been told what I'm eating can cause flare ups. Which I do need to learn to do better with.
  3. Do crafts every month. I've decided, my step daughter and I can 2 the minimum of 2 crafts. One from Oriental Trading (which I've been dying to do) and one that I find online.
As of right now that's all the resolutions I have for right now. I already have 3 books picked out for next month, though. Mainly because all of them are movies and I've heard so much about them.
  1. Mrs. Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
  2. Girl on the Train
  3. Nerve