Tuesday, February 13, 2018

These are a few of my Favorite things

I wasn't planning on doing another one of Mama Kat's random prompts, but I spun a prompt that I really needed to do, because it was a prompt that was interesting her prompt was, "List your five most recent favorite things." It just felt right to do it. I think it'd be cool to talk about 5 of my most recent favorite things. 

These are a few of my Favorite things
5. The PJ Library; I am not Jewish, but since I hardly know anything about Judaism, and I want to teach my kids other faiths, the only way I'm able to do that without confusing my children is to get the books for them. PJ Library has books for kids from 6 months to 8 years and then they have books for older children from 9-11 years old. Since joining in September, I have gotten 15 books, 7 CDs, a Tzedakah, and some Jewish card games. It did take an average of 8 weeks (end of December) to start getting the books. But since I started getting the books for my children, I've learned so much.

4. Coloring: I love to color, but unlike some adults, I love children's coloring books a bit better than adult coloring books. Most adult coloring books have random pictures, while children's coloring books aren't as complex and they're not just repeating patterns. 

3. Cheerios:  I love the limited edition Cheerios. Banana Nut Cheerios are my favorite, followed by peanut butter cheerios. Yum.

2. Vegas World: Vegas World is nothing more than a virtual casino. You don't need to spend any of your own money to pay, you already have points and money. Solitaire on Vegas World is where I'm usually at. Solitaire keeps me busy for a long time. I didn't expect to go right back to playing solitaire, my old favorite game was Blackjack I'm usually good at playing blackjack, I just haven't been lately.

1. Smoothies: Jeesh this blog is making me look like I'm some kind of weirdo. Smoothies are another thing I can't get enough of. They're all vegan and verry tasty, today I had a smoothie with grapes, peaches and orange juice. It was delicious. I don't know why I waited so long to make an amazing smoothie.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Valentine's Day Tag

Valentines Day is only a few days away. I don't know how I was going to talk about my thoughts on the holiday but instead, I found Valentine's Day tag to share with everyone. Like any other tags this tag is going to tie into stuff I want to blog about. This tag isn't a relationship as much as it is about Valentines Day. 

1. What are your thoughts on Valentines Day/Why?
It thinks it's overrated. We put so much emphasis on the holiday when we should always do something nice for our partners. The store here has $60 plushie animals for Valentine's Day, I don't think we need to go to great lengths to enjoy Valentine's Day. But if it makes a couple happy, I'm fine with it. 

 2. Have you ever had a valentine before? 
Nope, I really never wanted one. I don't see the use. I was my own Valentine before I met my husband. I bought me a nearly dead jade plant for Valentines Day. My plant needed me and I needed my plant. Nothing was going to get between us. 

3. What is the cutest thing that you have ever experienced/seen a friend experience on Valentines Day? 
I haven't really seen anything cute for Valentine's day. Questions "1" and "2" are exactly how I feel about the holiday. It's overrated and I get the best gifts for myself instead of expecting a gift.

4. What is your favorite Valentines Day candy? 
Reese's hearts. 

5. Do you have a valentine this year? 
Nope. My husband and I don't really celebrate it. He does get me candy and small gifts throughout the year, and that's better than celebrating the holiday.

6. If you were to get a gift on Valentines Day what would it be? (ideal gift) 
A car. Seriously. If a car isn't a Valentines Day gift, I'd want Chinese food instead.I love Chinese food and it'd be a great gift.

7. If you were to have a celebrity valentine, who would it be?
Travis Fimmel 
Image source: EW

Thursday, February 8, 2018

10 things I want you to know about chronic illnesses

After Tuesday's post, I knew exactly what tag that I needed to find. I wanted to find an invisible chronic illness tag. It's time to give as much visibility as I can, and hopefully, other people who see this tag, and have chronic illnesses, can finally let people know what it's like being in our shoes at least for a little while.

1. What Illnesses do you have? 
I do have a handful. I have PCOS, Endometriosis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome,  Fibromyalgia and Grave's Disease.

2. When were you diagnosed? 
I have diagnosed with Endo and PCOS about 6 years ago and was told that I could possibly never have children (wrong). Irritable Bowel was about a year and a half ago. The more recent diagnosis was Fibromyalgia and Grave's Disease, and I was diagnosed three months ago. 

3. Have you ever been hospitalized?
No, I have not. I'm happy about that. I hope to never get to the point that I need to be hospitalized for any of my illnesses. The only one that would be worrisome is my Grave's Disease. I can have what they call a thyroid storm, meaning my thyroid will go crazy, I could sweat, be forgetful, have a racing heart rate and even pass out. Scary stuff! But like I said I don't want anything to cause me to have a hospital stay.

4. Have you ever had surgery?
I have had a D&C done right after my son was born. It was for what they thought was part of my son's placenta that was left behind or something to do with my PCOS and Endo. They actually found nothing to worry about.

5. Do you take any prescription medication? If so, what for?

Yep, I do. I take Bentyl (Dicyclomine), Flexeril, Lyrica, Effexor, Atenolol, and sometimes Mobic. 

6. What you wish people would know about living with a chronic illness.
I really want people to know that I'm in pain almost every day. It's not a walk in the park. There are people who are shocked that I'm in pain and I'm only 31. It's something that I take a lot out of me. Taking a shower hurts, moving around hurts and sometimes I have trouble breathing. Life isn't as easy as I used to be.

Another thing I want to say is something that has stuck with me from when I had Snapchat. Someone made the comment that my illnesses are caused by not taking a shower twice a day. If you know nothing about the illness someone has does not make up your own assumptions. Ask the person please! What I have are not contagious, and not caused by the lack of showering twice a day. 

7. What can we do to raise awareness? 
If people weren't ashamed to talk about how they feel instead of hiding our problems. Yes a lot of us hurt 24/7, we're afraid of what people might think. Open the dialogue talk about what's going on more. I'm not happy having these illnesses, but I am happy that I can share them. It can help people. There's no way to raise awareness if you're silent.

8. Who knows about your illness? 
Mostly everyone on Facebook and my family. I'm not afraid to talk about my chronic illnesses.

9. How does your illness most significantly affect your life?

It affects it a lot. My throat right now is so swollen I can hardly eat. Even a Cheerio feels like it's a razor blade. I can't breathe well when it swells. I'm tired all the time, if I could sleep normally I would but I cant. Along with all of this, I'm in pain and my memory is foggy. I can't eat normally, relax normally and sometimes I can't even type. There's really not much that I can do. 

10. If you could tell the medical community one particular thing about treating your illness, what would it be?
Those of us that actually have chronic pain are not out for drugs. We actually need them to feel better. We're not all black and white either. There's more to illnesses than your medical books talk about. So with both of these things I want you to know I want you to know to have compassion. It helps a lot!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

My Influenza and pneumonia scare,

A little over two months ago I was diagnosed with Grave's Disease, and a little over two months ago I was told that they'd refer me to an endocrinologist, but it wasn't until yesterday that I had one of the scariest moments after being diagnosed.

My stepdaughter was over this weekend, sick nonetheless with sinus trouble. I was doing what all step mom's do and spent time with her doing what she wanted to do when I started developing a sore throat. I figured because with Grave's Disease being an auto-immune disorder that since my thyroid was being attacked that my body couldn't fight off what my stepdaughter had so I developed a sore throat instead.

My sore throat in a day ended up making me a cough and unable to breathe. Because of having asthma, my nurse practitioner told me to make an appointment right away, because bronchitis and colds can turn bad fast. I had an appointment Monday already with her to possibly increase my Lyrica, so I was happy all I had to do was go to my appointment and get the antibiotics I need before my cold turned into something else. 

Like I was supposed to I went to my doctor's appointment. The flu is running rampant where I live right now and because I was sick, I covered myself with a mask so I didn't end up sick with the flu if I wasn't already. I was told to sit in the chair rather than the exam table because I was dizzy. I don't mean a little dizzy I was severely light headed, everything felt like it was spinning. 

The nurse practitioner came in and made the comment that I was extremely pale, paler than usual so she checked my lungs, and I had an Influenza test done. She diagnosed me with pneumonia, gave me an antibiotic and sent me next door to the hospital to get an x-ray and blood work done. I was told she'd call me in an hour when my Influzena test was complete.  Of course, I thought that she was right, whatever lung-related illness I had turned into pneumonia. Thanks to my body ignoring the invading bacteria.

I was at the store anxiously waiting for the results of my Influenza test, and waiting for my antibiotics. It wasn't until my phone rang, and my husband answered it because I wasn't feeling good and really couldn't answer the phone. I was then asked by my husband if the endocrinologist ever called me. They hadn't, and I was curious what my x-ray and my Influenza test had to do with the endocrinologist. 

I quickly learned that my Influenza test was negative and my lungs showed no pneumonia. That sounds great, don't it? Both tests were negative, that meant I was fine and that I wasn't sick, right? Well, not quite. I was told the reason why I was having trouble breathing and was coughing was that my thyroid is so swollen that it's pressing on my trachea. I was then told to wait to hear from the endocrinologist for an appointment.

At least I'm not sick, clouded my mind for a while, along with still having a sore throat and feeling like I can't breathe and because the doctor's office called right before they were going to close I didn't know what to do. I admit all I wanted to do was cry. I didn't feel good and I had (and still do) to wait for the endocrinologist to call for an appointment.

My husband nicely called the doctors office today to see what I could do for not being able to breathe and because of the pain. They told him as of right now there's nothing I can do but wait for a call from the endocrinologist and if I had any trouble to go the hospital, not the one almost next door to my apartment but the hospital 40minutes away because the hospital here wouldn't be able to help.

So as of right now, I have a severely swollen thyroid and all I can do is wait and wait some more. I can hardly eat solid food because it feels like gets stuck, I can hardly breathe, and I just feel so run down.

I leave you guys, my lovely readers with a word of advice, if you think something is wrong, make an appointment. Don't feel stupid because you made an appointment for something little. I went because I was sure I had bronchitis or a cold (and to try to increase my medication), something little could turn into something big. 

Dr. Freya says she'll talk about my illness tomorrow and her take on me not feeling my best. I don't know what she means but I'm sure I'll find out what she means tomorrow. 

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow. Hewwo!

Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow. Hewwo! I'm Freya, the prettiest kitty in the world. At least that's what the humans here tell me. They say I'm a very pretty kitty. Guess what?! I've been playing with my birdy lately. It's all I want to do. A human girl says I'm a birdy bird addict. I am not! I like playing with toys. My energy is like a little bitty hurricane human girl calls me hurricane Freya, I'm a very dangerous kitty.

A human girl and I have cuddled a lot today. She told me it was so cute that I cuddled with and did the upside down super kitty cat. 🎵Upside down super kitty. Meow meow meow!🎵 I love laying upside down and cuddling with girl human right on her side. Her side is very comfortable and warm. It's cold out. I get all shivery. Thank you, girl human.

Oh thinking about girl human she makes me mad. I wanted to give her and man human my toy under the door. She said I couldn't and to wait! I don't want to wait I want to play with the toy now human girl! Not tomorrow. Now! Hmph!

The human girl said that Google made a movie with my pictures in it called meow moments, she doesn't know how to find it or how to open. They sent it to her the other day. She showed it to me! I was a cute little kitty when I first got here. I was even skinny. I thank the humans for giving me a home and foods!

That's the life of a cute little torti I suppose, play and play some more and hope the human will play with me. 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

I don't think she knows it but she's my inspiration

My inspiration for writing has been a teacher that I had in 8th grade. Her name was Mrs. Thornburg, I don't think she's teaching anymore, I checked the teacher's directory and her name wasn't on the list.  Without her, I don't think I'd have the confidence to blog.

It was 8th grade and we were forced to write something by means of a prompt (just like this blog post). I put my blood sweat and tears into it, as I do all my writing projects, big or small. The teacher would have a one on one chat about how we did. I remember her telling me I have a knack for writing. That to me felt great. with the parents that believe that you can do and be anything that you want to, I didn't think I was good.The push from a teacher was great.

Mrs. Thornburg wasn't like other teachers. My choice of the essay that year was about near-death experiences and debate on if they exist or not. Never once have I ever had a teacher allow me to write something like that.

Part of me feels bad because my writing since then has slipped a lot. I know it's all because of illnesses and medications, but I used to write better. I almost feel like I failed my teachers. The ones that said I had talent and they could tell I liked to write. They knew where dreams and passions were. I grew as a writer a lot. Now I'm reverting back to the caveman days where I'm afraid that what I'm writing won't make any sense.

Even if she doesn't know it. Wherever she is, thank you so much, Mrs. Thornburg. You were an awesome teacher!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Because's Purry and Blurry another Freya Friday

It's Freya's day and girl human was trying to take photos of me for Freya's day and I told her no, I won't do it. She doesn't understand that I do not photo friendly. I'm a pretty young lady, but I don't want to have photos taken of me. All human's girl's photos looked like a blurry mess. She got mad at me, but I think it was a little funny.

You know what else is funny? Humans like when I tell girl human that I have no food, she jumps up and runs to the kitchen and peak at my food dish and then she says, "Freya you have food. You don't need anymore." She's silly! It's what Freyas do best! Kitties! Unite! 

The humans say because my chin is both peach and black it looks like I'm smiling. I don't know why they say that. I'm not smiling, but if that's their beliefs who's to say that I'm not smiling. I don't know how to, cats don't know how to smile. 
the blurry purry 

What I want to learn how to do is talk. I don't know how. The human girl does it and so does the little human girl. Do you think it's a hard thing for cats to learn? I hope not. I have things to say, like how mean humans are sometimes and I want to tell people what I want to eat. Not that yucky wet food or the cat food kibbles that taste like paper. Yuck! Healthy my booty! I'm going to go practice my talking. The thought of talking about my kitty kibbles is an important conversation. with the humans.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Great News! I'm adopting!

I felt it was time to adopt again. It just felt like the right time you know? My kids are getting older and I'm getting older. I'm adopting an Asian boy (I am not trying to be racist), where he comes from, he didn't get a name, he's just been called, Baby Bundles.
Source: Pixabay

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

10 reasons why I like adult human girl and 5 reasons why I don't like Monkey

It's time for some Freya lovings. I need to give out all of my Freya lovings, girl human said today is my day to write about things. I almost forgot that I was going to write about myself today. Really! The human girl is nice, she lets me talk about things.

Why I love adult human girl:

  1. She lets me smelly smell her foods:
    I like asking human girl what she's eating to make sure it's safe you know. Kitties can tell if your foods aren't any good. I check her foods every time she eats something. I don't want a sick friend.

  2. She shared honey buns with me before
    When human girl bought honey buns from the store, she'd share some with me. I love honey buns. They're my favorite sweet. Human girl says that kitty cats really don't like sweets.

  3. She was one of the people that said to keep me
    Man human was going to make me go back outside when it got warm. Human girl said no, and then little girl came by, and little girl and human girl both said to keep me! Yay! Girl power, we are all best buddies.

  4. I love cuddling with human girl at night
    The human girl calls me her personal cuddle buggy. I like cuddling with human girl at night because she's nice to me and she knows Freya loves to cuddle.

  5. Human girl is the one that feeds me:
    When little girl isn't around, human girl feeds me. She tells me that she likes feeding me. It makes us bestest buddies.
  6. All of my stringies can from human girls pants
    The second day I lived here, I was playing with human girl's pants when she was in the bathroom. Human girl took her stringy out of her pants and said I could have it. She also gave me a new stringy a few days ago because I was playing with it.

  7. Human girl likes giving me surprises:The catnip, collar and cat toys were all from human girl. She likes to spoil me and she really likes to see me having fun. I like that idea.
  8. If it wasn't for human girl I wouldn't be blogging:
    Yep, this is human girl's blog, isn't it? I blog here because she said I could she said she gives me two days to blog, I do that and I really like doing that because people usually don't get to hear a kitty cat talk about the life of a cat.
  9. I have a new closet hideout made by human girl:
    The linen closet has a little kitty cat hideout at the bottom. and it has a nice comfy pillow for me to lay on. It wasn't going to have a pillow until human girl asked if the pillow she found was okay to give to me.

  10. Human girl says that it's okay that I'm best friends with little girl first:
    Little human girl is my human. Big human girl says that she likes me to be friends with little girl first. She says it's good for little girls and kitties to be best friends. That is really really nice.

Reasons why I Freya don't like Monkey

  1. Monkey takes my spot:
    Sometimes when I have to go to the bathroom, Monkey takes the spot I was laying in when I'm gone. He says he's old and that if I move my feet I lose my seat. It's Just not fair!
  2. He hit me more than once:
    Monkey likes to hit me. Right before I got my nakey belly I'd cry and cry he'd hit me and tell me to shut up. Monkey also likes hitting me when I'm playing with toys that he's afraid of. He says not to touch them.
  3. Monkey headbutts me when I'm sleeping:
    I don't like being bothered when I'm sleeping. Monkey bothers me by headbutting my side. I don't want to cuddle or clean him, but he won't leave me alone until I do it!
  4. Monkey has stolen my cat nips more than once.
    Human girl gives both Monkey and I catnips, she keeps it separate so Monkey doesn't take mine and hit me, but he still tries taking it. He tells me I need to roll in the cat nips and not eat it. I told him I can do what I want.

  5. Money cuddles when human girl when I want to cuddle with her:Monkey really likes to cuddle with human girl. I want to be the only one cuddling. I tell Monkey to go away and I don't want to deal with him. I know that's not really nice, but I have to do it 
A little side note from human girl: I love both Monkey and Freya, Monkey is not harmed in any way. This is just Freya's opinion.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

I wish I was able to see you more

I heard the saying, "The moments and memories you make with someone don't feel like a lot once they're gone," years ago, I wouldn't have agreed. I probably would have given a sarcastic answer to that quote, just like my dad would have. So many times he'd joke about when he died that I'd say,
"Good riddance, he's gone." That's not what happened when I found out my dad passed away. What did happen was, I felt like I didn't spend enough time with him when he was alive.

The things I really liked doing were sharing music with my dad. He had such an interesting musical taste. I don't think I would have learned to love Judas Priest, AC/DC, Pink Floyd or Kansas if it weren't for my dad. He liked that music. It's what I grew up around. As I'm writing this entry I'm listening to Shinedown, I know if my dad heard them he would have liked the music. I want to share a song with him, just to get his opinion, but sadly, I'm unable to. It bothers me a little bit.

I think what sticks with me was how I used to be mad at him a lot, and how we'd get along sometimes and not others. I don't even remember half of the stuff we fought over and if I don't remember it, I'm pretty sure it wasn't as important as I thought it back then. I think half of his issue was that he was in pain. I'm aware that he had chronic pain as well. When I have my lousy days I get mad. I don't think he was any different.

If it wasn't for my dad, I wouldn't have known how amazing small pets are. My first small pets were hamster's that my dad's neighbor and a friend had. His neighbor had many hamsters, one of which happened to be a one-eyed hamster named Gus. Gus got free, and I was the one that found him when I was walking back from my dad's friends house with my dad. Gus and the other hamsters, even when they bred like crazy were an awesome experience. I also had gerbils, mice, and rats because of my dad. The rats lived at my mom's but my dad drove me to pick them up. It's just those memories that stick with me.

Two days after I got married my world shattered. My father was found dead in the bathroom of his trailer. The cause of death coronary atherosclerosis (plaque buildup), which could have been caused by his lupus. It's why I keep a diligent eye on how I feel, and I'm aware of the lupus symptoms, and the symptoms that were a red light for my dad.

If my dad were still around, I would have been able to have seen him a few times already. But the last time I saw him, he was here with my mom, when we're packing because we thought were going to be evicted. My dad and mom took my youngest back to Indiana with them so they can spend time together and because I was on a no lift order from my doctor. A no lift order with a three-month-old is impossible. At least my dad was able to spend time with my son.

The memories are still fresh, and he will always be in my heart. I just wished that I could have spent more time with my dad. The one memory of him is the one I'm going to live you all with. The song he wanted us to play while we sprinkled his ashes everywhere.

The idea for this entry is from Mama Kat's Losin' It writer's workshop prompt. The question provided was: Describe someone in your life you wish you saw more of.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Guess what? This is my best friend. Who's your best friend?

She's been my shoulder to cry on and she's been there to motivate me. My best friend is nothing shy of a miracle. I've heard about how she's able to bring families together, and how she's even there when I'm sleeping and I have no clue. My best friend shouldn't be much of a surprise. My best friend is Freya, 100% cat and 100% sass.

I haven't had friends chase after a bug because I'm afraid, cuddle 24/7, if that's what I want to do. What makes Freya different from human best friends is that she's quiet. She doesn't say anything at all. That, to me, makes me feel great. She's really an amazing friend.
Of course, I'm not her best friend, her best friend is my stepdaughter, the little human girl. I'm fine with that though. I'm fine with being second in line. Freya is a very special friend when I need her anyway.

Every time I start feeling tired, worn out, and achy because it's one of those days that I have when my illnesses start showing their true colors. She knows that I'm not feeling good, and I don't even have to let her know that I'm not feeling good, she's that amazing.

There's no way that I could have known that Freya would be this amazing. It's a great feeling to have her lay in my arms, all sprawled out purring and sleeping. She even lays on me when I sleep. Sure it's my head that she's laying on, but, she's comfy.

I have a human best friend, but it's not the same. Cat Pet best friends are different. The only thing that really ask for is food, shelter and a little love and they're loyal until the end. People may argue that only dogs are loyal to the end. I really beg to differ. I think all pets have that ability, they just show it a little different.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Another post by Miss Pretty Kitty,

Freya hasn't had her usual blog posts lately and she's a little ticked off at me for not allowing her to have center stage for almost a month, so with that said, I'll just leave it off to her. Because after she got some really pissed off.

Meow, that's hello in kitty. I have a lot on my little cat mind. When I say a lot I do mean a lot, pull up a chair and get ready to read what I have to say. Human girl has hot cocoas she says they help her think. She won't share any with me, I want to think too. She says they're toxic. Toxic is another word for good right? She says it'll make me sick. I say you only live once. She won't let me think better with the magical cocoa. She won't let me do anything fun.
My new collar see it has hearts, my name and numbers on it

Oh, human girl gots me a toy in the mail the other day. It's a cat toy, it has feather's and it has mousies. I like the feathers the best, mainly a white feather. The mousies are really cool too. But the feather's easier to grab on to and carry. I like carrying things back to the human folks. They say I walk like a diva. to diva's walk a certain way?

I also have a new collar a pretty blue collar with my name and the human's phone number on it. They say that's in case I go outside, people can read my name and the number and call them. That's cool, they also said I should go with them to the animal doctors to get a chip in my neck. But I tried eating a chip earlier. I didn't like it, so I liked the salt and oils off and told the human girl I don't want it. 

Something else cool, kind of, the neighbors had a bark bark next door, you know the things that bark and bark some more. I think the humans called it a puppy. But I told the human girl I didn't like it, and it disappeared. I think I may be magic. Now I can sleep without hearing him bark bark anymore. 
Last but not least. Human girl thinks I may have an addiction to catnip. I like to eat it. Then I feel funny and run around the apartment. They say my feet don't even touch the ground. I don't know why that is. They say that ate kitty cat drugs. But I'm like nope just catnip. At least I don't roll in it like some cats.

For those curious Freya had nothing to do with the neighbor dog leaving. The neighbor is really sick, and couldn't keep her dog anymore, but Freya's sure the reason why he's not here anymore is that of her. You know, silly kitty.

Another thing to mention is as you can see from the feather teaser toy, there's a knot in the line. The line did break, but it was a pretty easy fix and was able to be knotted so that she could still play with the toy. That being said, if your cat is normally strong, I don't think this is toy for your cat.

The dangler toy link
The collar link

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Miss Cupcake Shares a cupcake!?

Oh my goodness gracious! I have to share something that's so freaking awesome! I don't even know what to say. Ever find something at the store and you realize that it's one of the coolest things ever? Nobody else is going to find it as cool as you do, but it is one of the coolest things ever? Seriously!

I was at my local Dollar Tree, busy shopping around like I usually do. I love the Dollar Tree and all it has to offer. I don't think there's a shopping trip to Dollar Tree, where I'm not buying something I think is the coolest thing ever. At least for the time being.

Normally I'm against Dollar Tree candles, cheap candles smell like cheap candles. We all know what I'm talking about. But since I like going by Trixie Von Cupcake, the candle was one of those things that I had to get. It's not just that it goes with my name that made me fall in love with it. It was the whole packaging. The cupcake packaging is what made this different than just a candle that I find at Dollar Tree.

Oddly enough, the candle didn't have a cheap smell, toasted coconut isn't heavy scent to begin with, it wasn't overly noticeable, but I really love it, for my name sake. Trixie Von Cupcake loves cupcakes, at least once that I can eat. That's why I love Dollar Tree, they always have cool stuff. I like cool stuff.

I don't know if they have them now, since I got this candle a few weeks ago. But if they do, I might get the other scents. I have no clue what I'm going to do with the candles when their done with, but I do think they're adorable.

For those close to Dollar Tree, these candles are worth $1. If these candles are going to be a perminant thing,I may go buy me some more.