Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Here Is What Happens When A Cat Says What None Of Us Will. Things that angered Freya this week.

It's Wednesday, and it's time to have a conversation with Freya about the life of  cute little torti cat. As  I hunan girl tries writing this blog, Freya is demanding            that she be the one to type and not me. I don't know how well she'd do but we'll try this. Mainly because Miss Kitty is mad. A lot of things bothered Miss Freya this week to be honest. She told me to share them with her because I am an awful, awful person I am.

"The adult humans ran out of oats!"

Freya says running out of oats is and brown sugar on the same day is a catastophy. She loves her maple and brown sugar oatmeal with yummy cinnamon in it. Not being able to have any woke the poor kitty out of a dead sleep and she was not happy about it at all.

"Girl human took my bed."

It's not how it sounds. It was cold in the apartment and Freya was laying on my robe. The robe had kitty cats on it to be exact. I needed it, so I tried to slide it out from under Freya. She wasn't happy with me at all. She thinks because the cat on the robe reminds me of her, it means it belongs to her and I can not have it.

"Nobody's sharing their yummy snack with me"

She's one of those 9 lifers. You know one of those cats who believe that they had 9 lives. I wouldn't share chocolate pretzel cookies with her. Or when I'm eating peanut butter and jelly. She always has to have a sniff test to see what I'm having, but the sniffy sniff test sometimes makes her more hungry. She's a diva and thinks she's entitled to everything.

"Don't call another cat cute again!"

I call another cat cute and she attacks me. It's quite weird, but it's what happens when I call any other cat cute or I bring them up in a conversation. Like I said, Freya is a Diva.

"She won't refill my bowl after I eat a few bites"

I give her kibbles and as soon as she eats a few month fulls and there's a little bit of space left in the bowl, Freya believes it's time for me to fill the bowl. I do not need to fill the bowl. I wait until it's empty.

Freya, she's a diva and it's pretty obvious that I have adopted the biggest diva in the whole state. My goodness gracious. Silly little puddy-catus. She's a diva but I love her. Even if she already has a human (the little girl). She did allow me to post pictures of other kitties, that aren't as cute as her (her words not mine)

Monday, September 11, 2017

Challenge day 3: My parents, my strength. Only the memories scare me and make me proud.

I've gotten off course with my 30-day challenge. I think my main problem was day 3 the day I talk about my parents. Mainly my dad. I wasn't ready, it felt like a splash of cold water, even wanting to think about writing about my dad, who has left this a few years ago. I never really had a chance to write about him, other than the day he passed. I have just gotten around to turning his Facebook page into a Memorial Page. Which I had no clue was even possible.

I don't feel fully comfortable with sharing pictures of my parents, even though I did post a few pictures on the day my dad passed. I just can't do it. I just can't, I guess that's another challenge within itself, isn't it?

Boy, Child, Dad, Daughter, Family, Father, Female, Girl

My Dad

It was May 27, when I lost my dad. It wasn't until a few days later when they found him. From what I know about heat and corpses, it's the main reason why advised us against an open casket if we had a funeral. We didn't have a funeral though. We did it the way my dad would have wanted it. We did nothing, he got cremated and now he's at my mom's house with my sister. I don't know if I could feel confident enough to have part of my dad with me. I never really thought about it, and I don't trust kids or animals around the urns. I don't want to clean my dad up off the floor. Which would be something my dad would have loved to make a joke out of.

Enough about his death. Alive is how I want to remember my dad. My dad who was amazingly strong. Never once would I have imagined being as strong as he was. My dad went through this whole diagnosis process that I'm going through now. He had Lupus, RA, Fibromyalgia and who knows what else. He had tons of things wrong with him. I don't remember him complaining, and he was still working to help when he could. He'd be cutting someone's lawns or shoveling snow. He didn't stop. My mom does remember my dad going over to her place and fall asleep sitting up. I never really focused on how sick he was because he didn't show it. Now that I'm in his shoes. I know what he must've felt. Pain, tiredness, and just feeling like garbage.

Not too long before he passed I remember him telling me not to worry so much stuff will happen one way or another and there's no reason to worry about it. He did worry about me and my sister, as all fathers do I'm sure. I never realized how much he worried or helped us until he was gone.

I have many stories about my dad. But I just can't write them without feeling depressed a little. So with that said. I need to cut what I'm writing about him short and talk about my mom at least for a little while.

My Mom

My mom's still very much alive, but like my dad, she's been through her fair share of health problems. One moment in particular. I was 16, and my mom went for a CAT scan. Just to find out she had a cyst on her brain. Not to be confused with a tumor. A cyst is a bit different and is nothing more than a fluid filled sac. That, of course, was one of the scariest things I've heard.

She went to the neurologist for another opinion, and their opinion was to remove it or else she could end up dying. It was either remove it so it was gone forever or they could drain it, and it could come back.

She ends up choosing to remove it. Again turning my life a little on edge. Her short term memory for two years at least, but what felt like an eternity was completely gone. Which came back slowly, and as weird as it sounds. I'm kind of happy I dropped out of school at that time. My mom, even living with my grandparents, would forget where my sister and brother are when they were when they were in school and she would cry. It was tough and shattering.

My mom now has tons of health problems, COPD, congestive heart failure, and diabetes to name a few of her problems. She's really strong women. It's insane to see how strong she is. I never once would imagine going through so many health problems as she has.

I won't get into home life right now with my mom's issues because it's another thing I don't like talking about. All I can say is, I'm happy to have learned to be strong from her. From my dad, who's no longer with us. They are what I hope to mold myself into being.

Thank you

Thank you, mom and dad, you've guys have really made a difference in my life. I don't know where I'd be today if it wasn't for you two. Now my dad who's no longer with us. Thanks! You really changed my life. 

Thursday, September 7, 2017

What can you do about your goals and dreams before it's too late?

After all of the thoughts about goals and dreams that I have for my life, I realized even if I did have body goals and some self-improvement goals. But I never took time to realize that there's more than just goals about my body and ways I can be a better person on the inside. It's crazy to think about not having an end goal in life. Is there an end goal other than death? Death isn't a goal, nor should it ever be. Life is a goal, and living the most fulfilling life someone could live is what life is about.

My goals under a microscope

Since it is Tag Thursday and I need to think about my goals. I turned this into a tag about my dreams and goals. I found the questions on Lifehack if someone wants to use them as well. 

1. What beliefs do you carry that may be holding you back?
There's a lot holding me back I'm not entirely sure if they're all belief related. I'm a person who's afraid of what would happen if I choose the wrong door. Life doesn't give do overs, at least not that I know of, life doesn't have a reset button. I write down dreams, just to let them fade, this has to stop now. If life doesn't have any do overs, I'm not going to ever live these dreams in this life time.

2. What’s your hobby?
My favorite hobby is writing, even when I was a teenager and a young adult, I'd sit in my room for hours on end, working on stories, working on poems. I didn't mind doing something if the writing was involved. It became the one thing I knew didn't cost money and people couldn't take away. 

3.What’s your talent?
I've joked about being someone with no talent for a long time. The truth of the matter is, I have talents. Writing is a strong suit, I have such an imaginative mind, at least when it's creating characters, and story lines. I never had any physical talents that I can think of sadly.'

4.Who do you like to work with?
I'm far from being a people person, but the people I don't mind working with happen to be children and animals. Animals first, they don't have any input and usually rely on a person for their care, as far as domesticated animals are concerned. 

5.Where do you enjoy working?
I don't feel that working online is a good answer, but if I had to pick a place, it'd be somewhere where I'm connecting with animals instead of people. I wouldn't mind working with young children who are curious about animals. 

6.What is the work setting where you’re most productive?
I work better by myself, but I'd work fine if I was with small groups of people, maybe.

7. What are your passions?
I've always noticed little things make me happy, like the smile from someone, or a cat licking its lips because it had its dinner. I guess the one thing that's a passion is making other people or animals happy.

8. How can you turn your passions into work?
After a search of the internet, and thinking about an online friend's son's dreams. I think if I found a job as like an engagement educator, or even possibly getting into some animal rehabilitation. My dreams and passions could really come alive. While I know it doesn't really put much about my dreams of writing something, unless I write books to help teach children how to help animals. 

9. What inspires you?

The internet, and people who've been there for others. It's one of those gratifying feelings, that makes me want to be able to do something. It's great to see people smile after a part in their life where they are stuck.

10. H
ow do you motivate yourself to take action?

I'm really bad at motivating myself to do almost anything lately. I think it's because I'm afraid of the outcome. I can't be afraid of the outcome. What I think I'm going to do to help motivate myself to get to point "B" is watch come of my favorite people who love animals and positivity when I feel like I'm not sure where to go. Followed by writing down my goals, and have some good accountability.

11. What do you dream about 

I dream about being able to inspire someone. I see other's positivity and I want to feed that positivity to them, as much as I can. Inspiring others is probably the weirdest dream ever. But it's where my mind goes when I think about my dreams.

 What have you overcome?With a little help and a push, I finished high school a few years later. I didn't even settle with a GED, I went back for an actual diploma. Most people finish the program in a few months, I finished mine in a month. I worked my tail off, to succeed.

I've had many hurdles such as my mom's brain surgery to remove a cyst on her brain when I was younger, to losing my father, son, and grandparents (my mom moved in with them way before her surgery). I almost could have died from carbon monoxide poisoning as a child, and even got bit by a brown recluse spider. Now here I am staring at what I just wrote realizing that I'm still standing. Things have been dark and grim, there's a reason why I'm still here, I'm strong,

13.How do you respond to what others say about you?

I usually end up taking whatever's been said way too personally, and letting it eat at me for a long time. It's usually people who know nothing about me or the subject at hand. They don't know my life. With that said. It needs to stop, I have to realize if someone knows nothing about my life or what I've overcome. They don't get to have a say.

14. Why are you here?
I've never really thought about why I am here. Why I'm still here. I have stories of things I've struggled with and I'm still struggling with, now my health being the next struggle and hurdle to climb. I'm not the best motivator, but I do have creativity at arms reach.

15. Who do you admire?
When I think about people I admire, it's never celebrities. Most of them didn't battle with adversity and succeed. I think about people who have been through the fire and are still standing. The not literal fire of course. I can't name particular people, but seeing people like that online, in the world we live in on a daily basis. That's the people who I admire. 

16.What are your weaknesses?

One huge weakness and down fall about me is I give up too easily. Like I said in question one, I worry about making a mistake about what road I travel. I need to realize life can be over quickly. I need to stand on my own and follow whatever dream I have.

17. What are your goals?
Going back to school is a huge goal. While I'm not sure what I want to go for, but now that I've written all I have about goals I have a better idea. I'm thinking about going back for something like biology, zoology or something animal related and childhood education. It might be a weird combination, but it looks better than all the other goals I used to have. 

18.How do you plan on accomplishing your goals? 

I said it the other day when I talked about my goals. I'm going to have to go about my goals. Slowly, but go about them with the end in mind. For starters, looking for schools that will be able to teach me what I need to know. It'll be a long process there itself. There's a ton of comparison making. 

19.What are you grateful for?

I'm grateful for being alive, it's important. I'm grateful for learning a ton of little things in life that make me who I am. But most of all I'm grateful for my children, my husband, and my family. I usually don't think about what I really have in life to be grateful for, but now I realize what I really have to be grateful for it makes me feel a bit better.

20.How can you make yourself better?

I need to take slow steps and realize that no matter where my health leads me, there are still options to live my dreams. A lot of auto-immune problems make people sensitive to the sun, and if that's the case that I can't be out in the sun as often, or I have to go out with a hat and be prepared. I still have ways to educate people in doors, or to write about ways to teach people what they need to learn. If I become too sore to write or type. They have programs that type what I say. I have roads to go down, but I have to realize that I need to keep my mind on the other roads ahead. 

21.How can you make the world better?

I can make the world better by contributing what I know right now, and be able to convey how I feel and what I know. It may not be much, but that's why I blog, right now I see it as my contribution to the world. Like right now, I'm showing people how to work on their goals.

What I've learned

I'm going to say it because it needs to be said. I've been thinking all through out my life that it's too late for me to have goals. I'm 31, people already ran past me twice and achieved their goals. While others are sitting around thinking they can't achieve theirs either. That's not really going to help me be productive what's going to make me productive is. Learning about my goals, learning how to push me. 

There's so much I'm going to have to do, and so much I want to contribute, but I think I understand where I need to go. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

6 steps for turning your goals into actions

I think it was best said by Garth Brooks, " Too many times we stand aside/and let the waters slip away/Til what we put off 'til tomorrow/Has now become today." It took me a long time to really understand this song, until I started making goals to feel better. I've said I wanted to eat good and start feeling better. Sometimes people don't have a chance to feel better and they die. That's not the route I want to go, I rather not speed up my lie if I can do anything about it. 

Some of my Goals

 I have a handful of goals that I think are very important to feeling better, I'm changing my diet to be caffeine free, diary free, and start taking turmeric along with my multivitamins and a good multivitamin. I'm hoping that my dietary change will cause me to not have as many flare ups, for both IBS and auto immune problems. 

Another goal for myself is only a personal goal, is to do a self care challenge, long story short, it means that I'm going to try to better myself mentally as well. I just need to be on the ball with things lately. Life is short, and I don't want to make it any shorter because I didn't eat healthy or didn't have enough self care. 

Tips I've learned 

1.  Don't look back. Looking back at progress can mess stuff up. If it's hard to believe, if you see how much you progressed, and you're not happy with your progress, it can derail you. You're not going to be able to change what's behind you, just what's in front of you.
2.Tell people about your goals. If other people know what you're trying to accomplish, if it's someone who supports you. It makes the steps easier than being alone.
3. Take things slowly. As much as you want to reach the goal. Taking in too much can be overwhelming. Goals are a lot like eating, if you take big bites you'll be done with your meal first, but there's still a chance you can choke. 
4. Record your process. It's not the same as looking back, when you're recording your process forget about the time frame, worry about the end. Like with my eating better, if I see that I'm eating better, and I'm feeling better it'd motivate me more. 
5. Read motivational quotes. Yes, quotes or even song lyrics can be helpful. The Garth Brooks' song I listed is one of those songs that will push me. People need that, they need to read things that are positive. 
6. Be honest with yourself. Sometimes we make goals that we shouldn't have made, they'll never even make it out of the gate. If we know that, look for a back up plan or new goals. Sometime our end goals won't work out. It's better to be honest rather than holding on to hope that isn't there.

Goals can be tough sometimes, but in the end, if we keep our head up high, the end will be closer. There's no need to run or back track and sometimes friends and family can be a great goal companion. But remember you're the only one in charge of your goals.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Day 2: My First Love

My first love, if you'd call it that, I was 7 years old and the kid that lived down the road from me was a year older than I am. We'd sit and play games together watch movies together, and there'd be times that I'd go over to his house to play Nintendo or something.

I liked him, he liked me. Like I said, I don't know if what was between us happened to be love or not. He did try to kiss me when I was younger. At least I think I remember him doing it, my memory of the past is still foggy.

I tried talking to him a few years ago, but he still thought I was cute and the conversation he made was all about that. I didn't really feel comfortable talking about how he still thought I was cute, and that he'd want me to move in with him. He's married and has a kid of his own, I would not have moved in with him, never ever.

My apologies for such a short entry, but there's really no much to write about my first love.

10 things Freya hates

Everybody has stuff they don't like, and surprisingly enough it's a lot like that in the animal kingdom as well. Animals prefer one thing over another, that's why I thought I'd ask Freya about stuff she really doesn't like. I'm prepared for the worst. I don't know what her list of 10 things Freya hates are. 

  1. Rachel Ray Cat food
        We've tried feeding her all natural Rachel Ray cat food, and Freya refused to eat any of it. We even went with the motto, "If she gets hungry she'll eat it." It's not the case with Freya, she'll keep on pestering someone until they give in.

  2. People watching animals on TV or on the computer
         Freya is a jealous cat. I talk about a cat I'm watching, she'll come over and sit on the computer with the look of, "Focus on the cat you have, not the cats on the internet." It's kind of cute that she's jealous and annoying at the same damn time.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

30 Day challenge Day 1: About Me

I've realized that not a lot of people know much about me with this blog, other than I have health problems and I've done 30 good things about my challenge, which I will post a list to all the days in that challenge sometime this week.  I'll do the one I started months ago in a few weeks. I just want to do one challenge at a time.

None of these challenges will take the place of anything like Freya's posts or a normal everyday post. These are separate entries. I just needed some way that people would get to know me, as a human, as who I am.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

The ultimate guide to acne

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There’s something I really don’t talk about, out of embarrassment, and the fear that nobody understands whats going on. But because talking about my problem is hopefully going to be therapeutic, and I hope other women or men can relate. I have a problem with acne. Sometimes its so bad, I feel like I hit puberty all over again. I don’t like going out in public with a huge zit that not even makeup can cover. Knowing that I’m not alone makes me feel a little better, and I’m not going crazy.

9 Facts about Acne

How much do you really know about acne? To be honest, there's a lot of things that people thought was true about acne which was never true. To shine some light on things here's some facts about acne that I found interesting.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Happy Black Cat Awareness Day

Oh, oh, Freya's here to write a very important message to her cat friends. Especially her black cat friends, because it's Black Cat Appreciation Day. She knows that her black cat friends are being killed every day at shelters, and most people look over them because they're supposed to be scary and bad luck. Freya knows the truth she knows her black buddies aren't as bad as they look. Freya herself has black fur cat on her, well sort of, it's really black brown, and tan, but Freya doesn't care. Since Freya knows the importance of black cat appreciation, she told me to dictate what she says for her, so it'll be easier to read.

A message from Freya 

Dear people, 
Did you know my friends the black cats are put to sleep because nobody loves them enough to take them home? I have a home with people who love me, but these can't don't. They don't know what it's like to have someone hold them when they're scared, they don't even know what it's like to give someone a penguin, because they're in their cages. The cages are so teeny. I went in a cage once, and it made me cry. I had to get out.

Black cats only look different, they're not mean, they're not bad, and they're not scary. My human mom and dad both had a black cat before, and they were cool kitties. I've met some when I was living on the streets, they weren't bad at all, just very misunderstood.

Let me tell you about living on the streets, because I don't think many people understand how scary it is. The only water I could get was water from puddles, or water from lakes and ponds. The lake by my house has bad stuff in it from the hospital. When it comes to food, not everyone is nice, and some days I'd go hungry, and others people would feed me. But what was really scary was at night, it got cold, and dark and I'd shake because it was so cold. I'd hide under cars, even though I knew I could get ran over, just so I could feel safe. When human man and human woman adopted me, I was happy, they feed me when I'm hungry, I have a nice warm bed to sleep in, and a human to cuddle with when I'm told. Every cat should have a human who loves them, even the black cats.


If Freya could do more to help the black cats I would, they need a human. They're even really pretty kitties. Freya has a couple pictures of black cat friends. I haven't met them yet, but I still think they're friends. All cats are my friends.
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This black cat he's a baby, isn't he cute? She's loved by a family. And I think she has such a pretty blue collar I want one. 

Black kitties can even be prettyful. See! I'd like to have a flower crown like this pretty kitty. This pretty kitty looks so very pretty don't she?  She's not mean or scary.

My human says I have those big kitty eyes too. She calls them kawaii anime girl eyes. She's not just saying that because this kitty is from Japan, she calls them kawaii anime eyes because my eyes are big cute and very expressive.
Doesn't Mr or Mrs. Kitty look happy in her people's arms? All black kitties need to be happy in the arms of their people. 

Those are only some of my feline friends. The other friends are still in shelters, being sad and hungry with no crowns, no hugs, and not even a pretty blue collar. Please can someone save a black cat I'd be really happy.

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

What is my blog writing process like?

I've written about how to come up with topics, and what to do to get viewers, but I've never really given a full walk through of everything that I do so that my blog will be ready almost every day. Even the days I'm sick I had stuff planned a head of time, not that I ever remembered posting the stuff because I don't but, it happens.

The calendar 

I usually start every month with a blog calendar. I like to try to keep my blog topics varied as possible, while I don't label what I'm going to be writing about yet, I try to make sure that I have an idea about the type of blog post I want. For instance, tomorrow is a long awaited definition post so I can talk a little more about writing and continuing to expand people's minds. I may not go with what's written on the calendar that particular day, but at least I have somewhere to turn if I have no idea what kind of blog to write and to do.

Gather the materials

At least a day before or the day of I gather the materials I need for my post. If I found inspiration from a magazine, it can even be a recipe that I tweaked a bit to make into a vegetarian recipe or possibly something I saw at the grocery store. The materials will help me organize the thoughts I need. Sometimes I just go with the flow, and I'm not worried about the materials.

Writing the blog

Again this can be a day earlier than the day it's posted. I take time and write the blog, and usually just go with the flow. I like trying to work diligently during the day and work on the content. Whatever the content may, it's writing time.

Finding and editing pictures

If there's no picture of my own for a project, I go to Pixabay or Pexels just so I can get my materials and edit them with Canva, so they look a little bit different and I can write what I want for the banner, and make it look nicer. They say that using photos give more views, and with the banner, I can pin it to my Pinterest.

Editing the Blog

I use Grammerly and run through my blog. I know I could pay the extra money for the full subscritpion to Grammerly, but I don't think it's that important, and sometimes, if I don't like the way my stuff is written I go to Prowriting Aid, and hope it corrects the problem.

Sharing my blog

When I'm done I post my blog and share it, the places I share are Twitter, Flipboard, Google+ and Pinterest. I could post it more places than that, in which I'm attempting to give a weekly update on my Twitter as well.

Double checking

Sometimes I reshare my blog post if I think it could get more views or whatever. Writers and bloggers usually center their blog post around another blog post, with that in mind, I make sure that the blog post I'm linking back to works, if I like how everything is laid out and etc, so I know what to schedule when I write my next blog. 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

10 Movies I could watch over and over and still love

We all have movies we'd watch over and over again because they're written so well, or because we can connect to them. The same goes for me I'm not afraid to amdit there are movies that I can watch over and over again. While my list may be really weird, it's the movies I'd watch over and over again, without getting tired of the movies.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Some lovings from Freya

It's been a beautiful, lazy Friday if I do say so myself. The weather was beautiful, everything's going nicely and it's another day for Freya to blog. I as her human believe she loves her blogging moments. She loves to cuddle and try to tell me what's on the mind of a cat, while she crawls on my back. She's even llicking my hands as I'm trying to type out this blog for her. She's a very silly kitty.

Freya and I wanted to talk a bit about what we plan on doing. Well at least right now, there's many of things that people can get for free for their kitties, and Freya wanted to let everyone else know what to get for their cats. She loves to be nice and loving to other animals who want or need foods. That also means if you can donate your pet food to the local animal shelter, if you don't have a pet, she'd love that.

Lucy Pet Products
ASPCA Pet Safty Pack
Fancy Feast
Purina One True Instinct

Miss Freya said that the list she has there is all that there really is online right now for free samples of cat stuff. She does hope it can help someone who wants to try a new cat food.

Much love,
Trixie and Freya

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Freya time

Before I let Freya share her blog post, I want to share something, because I don't think people think that Freya knows what's going on during these blogging sessions and that she's not around me when I tell her it's blogging day. This little furball behind me is Freya, this photo was taken just now. She knows what time it is, and she's ready for her input. That, that's a cat who's ready to blog and talk about the life of a turtle tortoiseshell cat.

I'm going to be helping Freya write for awhile, lol cat is really hard to read sometimes. I know it and Freya and I are really sorry.
Freya. Freya. 

Freya's blog: 

Miss human girl says I've been overly friendly to her lately. I like to wake her up in the morning after she feeds me so we can talk. I like talking with human mom girl. She's nice, she feeds me and we love to cuddle. We cuddled all last morning. We called this morning too. She says it makes her happy. It makes me happy to cuddle. 

Adult human girl and I have a bond that I don't have with my little human girl. Little human girl is my best friend, and the first person I go to, but adult human girl and I are different. She feeds me, shares stuff with me and talks to me like I'm important. Little human girl is who I love to protect and who I spend time with.

Tomorrow, adult human and I have something to do for my blog for Friday. I don't know what it is, and she won't tell me. I want to know what it is. Oh well. I'll find out soon.